Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's in My Bag - baby edition!

Before I had baby, my purse was simple. Check it out HERE!
Now with baby always in tow, i have to be prepared for various situations I may be placed in- hungry baby, poopy baby, sunny days, teething days. Ya know, just another day in the life of a parent!

i think what people carry around can tell a lot about what a person's personality is like, don't you?

the main purse
  • briefcase bag from ROOTS with a missing buckle (grrr)
  • lipsticks: Cosmo by MAC, and Think Bronze by Clinique
  • mini mirror - to always look presentable
  • notepad and pen (in light blue case) - documentation and crossword puzzles
  • Max's sun hat and sun screen - summer!
  • hand sanitizer and sample size of hand lotion
  • Sophie the Giraffe for Max
  • Bib for those days when Max was drooling like crazy or spat up and i have nothing to wipe with
  • 1 zone bus tickets - i don't drive
  • pocket sized measuring tape (the red square)
  • sunglasses- for sunny and cloudy days. squinting = early wrinkles!
  • house, mailbox, and bike keys
  • wallet and underwear change purse for coins
  • work ID in case i want to park somewhere downtown for 'cheap'
  • Max's health passport and care card
  • blackberry (missing from photo)
Ok so it doesn't end there! the undercarriage of my stroller is my 2nd purse haha. This is where i hold most of Max's I.C.E (in case of emergency) stuff

the baby bag

  • the navy bag holds all this stuff. and when i need to grocery shop, the contents are dumped into the undercarriage only soon to be covered by groceries i can't fit in the navy bag
  • black changing pad as public changing tables are NASTY
  • my nursing cover
  • a moderately sized cosmetic bag (this one is Le Sportsac) that holds everything below:
  • kotex pad- for the unexpected period
  • nipple shields- for those leaky days
  • travel case with wipes
  • 4 diapers - current size #3 cruisers
  • an extra onesie when/if i have a diaper leakage

Last but not least. There are times when we are eating out and Max wants to join in. His 'lunchbag' is also carried in the undercarriage of the stroller

the punchbag

  • dragon lunch bag from old navy (keeps things hot, keeps things cool. has the silver lining)
  • Max's straw cup
  • monkey bib
  • wipes that i feel are ok to touch Max's face with (mr. sensitive skin)
  • feeding spoon
  • glasslock case filled with food
  • pacifier pod with at least 2 pacifiers so i don't end up in THIS situation again (this pod is actually attached to the stroller)
  • Winkel toy and links (also attached to stroller)
  • my tumbler, also attached to stroller as i ALWAYS need to have water with me
Well that's it! Hope you enjoyed the little 'peep' show and getting to know just a little part of me.

What's in your purse (and stroller?)


  1. Mitzi! You carry a lot of things! Always fun to peek into another mamas bag and see what they tote around. When Ben was a baby I seriously never ever had to change his outfit while we were out, so I just didn't bring any extras. With Josie I dare not leave the house without a second outfit for just in case. We've had a few close calls too. Yikes!

  2. im not sure what a "blowout" is but when Max poops and i lie him down, the poop goes upward and since he's so squirmy, it goes up the back (and everywhere)! ruined a lot of white onesies as the poop stains hehe

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