Monday, September 10, 2012

Mustache Bash

With Max nearing the big 1(ok who am i kidding, it's in 4 months), i've been contemplating some birthday party themes and ideas. The crappy challenges i'm facing right now are that 1) i have no idea how to entertain children 2) I am not a good entertainer in general and 3) it's the dead of winter on his birthday. Nevertheless, a party is to be had as you only turn 1once and even if he doesn't remember it per say, there will be umpteen photos taking to remind him of this special day. 

Thanks to pinterest, i've been inspired! So many images and party ideas on there, some of which i've pinned Here.  i'm convinced that i want to have a "Mustache Bash." Below are some fun pics that are easily attainable DIY (except the cake). All pics credited to Pinterest are there are way too many to itemize and link individually


  1. Looks like a fantastic party theme Mitzi! Love those little moustaches and you could really do a lot of fun things with it for sure. The first party is totally for the parents (celebrating that you survived the first year wahoo!!) so don't even worry about having to figure out how to entertain a bunch of kids. The entertaining part totally comes at 3 years and up for sure.

  2. knowing me, ill totally be over thinking this!

  3. i just looked at your blog for what happened on Ben's first birthday. My how they've changed (Ben and cousins, and Brooke!)

    1. They all have more hair for sure! They were sure cute though. Love those memories!!


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