Sunday, September 2, 2012

Baby Eating at 7.5months!

Well it has been just over 1.5months since Max and I started our baby feeding journey. It definitely has its ups and downs (in appetite) but the trend in intake is steadily on the rise. Yay!

I've been doing a middle ground approach to food. little bit of strained, little bit of lumpy, little bit of minced. For the strained variety, ive bought 3 jarred foods: PC Organics from Superstore in prunes, butternut squash, and peas. He LOVES all three. For the thicker, often lumpier variety, i've been making my own food with the processor and ice cube trays. He's loving fruits more than veggies right now, so i'm just mixing in one of each per meal so he gets a broad spectrum of nutrients. Finally, for the minced texture i've given him turkey. He's currently not a fan, his facial expression speaks volumes (somewhere between bitter/sour/WTF?)! But again, I mix it with a food texture he likes. Micro-improvements are better than nothing!

Husband chooses 4 cubes for Max's meals the next day. Our first solids starts around 1030 in the morning just after the first nap. I would say this is the time when he consumes the most food- anywhere from 1.5-2 cubes (i think it's about 2 tbsp per cube).  his solids appetite dwindles for the remaining part of the day, the remaining two cubes will be eaten for lunch and or dinner or not at all.

Sometimes it's a challenge to breastfeed as whenever he eats he just doesn't have the appetite for milk even if it's an hour or so later. I do remember those times when Max would NEVER refuse the breast, but those days are long gone. when he's full, the boy is full and nothing will make him eat (this is actually a positive food relationship)! i'm making it a point to BF first within a 2 hour window before offering solids. i'm also trying to create a non-restrictive schedule for feeding time- he will be offered the breast every 4 hours (more if he wants/needs it) and solids will be offered in between those times which is close to the time when we're are eating anyways.

What we've tried so far:

-apricots (no) - pureed is all that i've tried
-apple sauce (yes) - pureed
-avocado (yes) - chunks
-banana (yes) - chunks only
-barley cereal (yes) - mush
-black plums (yes) - pureed is all that i've tried
-butternut squash (yes) - pureed jarred
-carrots (sometimes) - textured and pureed is hit/miss
-green beans (sometimes) - textured. hard to get it smooth
-mango (yes) - likes little chunks, not pureed. but not buying mangos right now because of recall
-pears (yes) - chunks and pureed
-peaches (sometimes) - textured and smooth are hit/miss
-peas (trying now) -pureed, jarred
-prunes (yes) - pureed, jarred
-rice crackers (yes) - crispy
-sweet potato (sometimes) - textured and pureed is hit/miss (why i dont know, i love sweet potato!)
-teething biscuits (yes)- hard bricks
-turkey (yes)- shredded. hates pureed.


830am - first BF (breastfeed), then nap
10/1030am- solids
1230/1pm- BF, then nap
maybe he'll eat some solids between the time of waking up and the next nap (span of 3 hours)
4/5pm -BF, then nap
maybe he'll eat some solids between this time of waking up and bedtime
8pm- BF, then bedtime
(once a day he gets approx. 15 mls of water to practice his straw cup skills. He loves sipping from a straw!)

A work in progress. eating is just for fun. Breastmilk is all he needs. yes, i keep telling myself that.

Max with a teething cookie that he really loves but i no longer let him eat:  Healthy Times Teething Biscuits. I love that he enjoys gnawing at this thing but i wouldn't buy it again as once it gets compromised (generally wet from his slobber), it actually breaks off in little chunks and becomes a choking hazard. I want to try him on other textures, particularly HARD ones but im not sure what's out there besides Baby Mum Mum's and Farley's (i think it's called). If anyone has any recommendations, let me know!

These next few months i'm contemplating of steaming a bunch of foods into little pieces and then freezing. Going for the Baby Led Feeding route. When needed, i will defrost or microwave. Is this food heating technique safe? It just seems time consuming to steam food all the time when i can heat it up. Someone let me know please!

The journey continues!


  1. I just boil/blanch/roast my veggies for Baby L, and that seems to work fine.

    Hard to find crunchy textures, but since our babes are still relatively toothless (save for one or two), I'm not sure that it is essential for them to have crunchy or hard solids. One "crunchy" that Baby L enjoys is toast. She could eat that every day! LOL. Maybe Max is a toast kid too?

    Baby L has recently acquired a love for grilled chicken breast. I haven't bothered with mincing because if I give her strips of it, she will suck and suck and doesn't seem to gnaw too much of it off (avoiding choking).

    I still have 2 boxes of those teething biscuits. They taste awful to me, though! :P

  2. do you freeze the boil/blanch/roasted veggies or do u just cook a 'meal' all the time?

    off topic, where did you order your boba Air?

  3. Sounds like your having fun with this stage!

    I know I put more energy into actual baby food with Ben. Now Josie just gets whatever I'm making and we haven't really made anything extra for her. Since I'm already cooking for Ben I just give her a bit of that! Her favourite is shredded chicken, banana and bits of whole wheat bread.

    Keep on having fun :)


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