Saturday, September 29, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

I just finished reading this trilogy in a matter of 10 days. i totally devoured the books, sacrificing precious sleep just get to the end of the chapter or see what happens next! Not sure how they're going to make these books into movies considering it's PORN NC-17 or R subject matter!

If I had to choose my own Christian Grey, i would choose this sexy beast named Tom Welling

As for Anastassia Steele, I would say she's the most annoying character ever.

I was not impressed with the repetitiveness of some words and phrases in all three books. too many times i had to just skim through some parts and say, 'uh huh yeah..inner goddess...erection...blaahhh"

I think the fact that it portrays a man who knows how to pleasure a woman (even if he's a sex-addict) without having to ask her what she likes or wants to do, is what makes these books so appealing for women. As for men, it sets an unrealistic(??) expectation the bar pretty high, i wonder how many times men have rolled their eyes and uttered the words, "honey, Christian Grey is make believe' to their partners? 

What I loved most about these books is the soundtrack. A writer who knows her music. Love love LOVE her song choices and the fact that she's posted them on her Website for us to reflect on and set mood as one reads. nothing like appealing to as many senses as possible to captivate your readers right?

I've always loved this song, and i'm so happy that this trilogy has brought it back into the spotlight. 

Hearts and flowers!


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