Sunday, September 2, 2012

10 Best Summer Moments

With September 1st being yesterday, and the PNE ending tomorrow, it's safe to say that summer is over. Anyone else feel ripped off because of the late start to the hot weather? I'm glad that the hot weather is still with us! In fact today, we were still wearing our sunscreen, sunhats, shorts, and sleeveless shirts- lest we forget that in the morning the air is crisp, the nights are cold, and Fall is right around the corner.

This was a great first summer for my family and especially for Max. I'm super glad and thankful that i still have 4.5months to play with this little man and especially as every day is friday/saturday/sunday while on mat leave! Woot woot!

my best 2012 Summer moments 

Swimming at New Brighton Park!  We went here at least twice a week!

connecting with coworkers who were pregnant at the same time as me and meeting the babies

endless days at BC Parks (Grandview, John Hendry, New Brighton)

of course the PNE (he was so well behaved!). First of many visits to come in Max's lifetime

Saturday garage sale finds and picnics outdoors

getting our anglers' license and fishing at Rice Lake

Max's baptism

Endless use of our beach tent at English bay

first use of the stroller. hours upon hours of sweat and mileage (A+ for stroller ease and durability)

last but not least, all the time spent with friends and family!

Now it's time to make fall and winter memories!

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