Thursday, August 9, 2012

Then and Now

Inspired by Mrs. Loquacious and Bad Mommy Moments on what life is like then and Now!

Then: bedtime 1130, wakeup 10am. Deep sleeper
Now: bedtime 10am, 2-3 night wakings, official wakeup 7am. Bionic ears (i hear every baby squeak)

Then: hours shopping. zigzagging around Burnaby and Vancouver on transit
Now: baby mood determines length. mostly staying in one city. avoiding transit during rush hour

Then: Superstore, H&M, Club Monaco
Now: Superstore, Walmart, H&M, Baby Gap, Old Navy

Then: designer purses
Now: books, toys, baby gear

Then: escalators
Now: elevators

Then: lazy to walk, took the bus
Now: power walker with stroller in tow

Then: happy to be alone, couple time during evening hours
Now: family time almost all the time

Then: eating out when lazy but also scheduled home cooked meals
Now: scheduled home cooked meals. if eating out, only at stroller/baby friendly restaurants

Then: seeing parents once a week or every 2 weeks
Now: family brought closer together multiple times a week

Then: front seat passenger
Now: back seat with baby- best seat in the house!

Then: makeup, basic wear, shoes that cause pain
Now: makeup, basic wear, comfortable shoes

Then: lots of time on my hands (sometimes too much)
Now: scheduling activities while baby is sleeping or distracted

Essentially life does go back to "what it used to be" prior to baby (the initial few months were the most challenging). Motherhood changed my world yes, but I haven't lost sight of what i enjoy and what i was prior to baby so I/we've found ways to plug in these old activities into our new life. Maternity leave (for me it's about 50 weeks) is such an amazing gift and definitely is plenty of time to transition into this new phase as well as discover new activities as a family of 3. 


What is on your mind?


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