Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stuff that Got Me Through the Month!

Essentials this Last summer month!

1) the food making journey: a mini chopper and an ice cube tray. I especially liked this ice cube tray by OXO tot as the tray only needed to be slightly cracked to get the cubes loosened and out. The lid wasnt necessary but nice to have

2) for the endless amounts of time we spent at the pool and beach, the beach tent (Coleman) and sunscreen (Badger).

3) for the long walks and when he needed a position change after sweating, a stroller and a carrier. this was essential when we went to the PNE as it was hot, Max was sweating, and way too heavy to carry in my arms everywhere

4) all day activities (really for the most part, it was lounging around) that were cheap and fun
New Brighton Park
Grandview Park
Trout Lake
English Bay

5) Sophie the Giraffe. it keeps on giving to this very day!


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