Monday, August 20, 2012

PNE Day!

Who went to free PNE day today? We did! Judging that we were there for about 6 hours, Max deserves a thousand kisses (on top of what I already give him) for being such a good boy today. Yay! 

We ate SO MUCH, and i'm sure I gained a few pounds today as there are always "must eats" whenever we come here- mini donuts, corndogs, lemonade, and dinner at Triple O's.  Every year I plan to eat whale tails, wiggle chips, kettle corn, and "something new for dinner," but we're lame and always stick to old faithful! Next year is always another chance right? 

Some instagram'd pics of the day

I'm not sure if this was the first time they had a "Parents Room" as this was our first time at the PNE with a baby, but i was totally impressed that we stumbled upon one (sponsored by London Drugs). Inside they had enough space for plenty of kids, free wipes, free diapers of all sizes, lotions and bum pastes. I wish all places had such luxuries! Thank you London Drugs, I think you just made me like shopping at your store just a wee bit more.

I have to admit there were some rides I wish I could go on- adult and kid ones with Maxiboy. However i did notice that i felt nauseated just watching this spinning ride for all of 5 seconds, so i dont know if those freaky ride days are over for me! Does age change your tolerance?

I can't wait until Max gets a little older...or at least above the minimum 36" height requirement. Husband and I were already planning which rides we'd go on, which games we'd play, and how to strategically time things so we don't all end up with a giant stuffed animal(s) that would have to be lugged around all day.

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