Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Happiness ::by Vivian::

A happy list brought to you by Max's Godmother Vivian
I've known this bright, sophisticated, multitalented woman since grade 8! She deserves all the happiness  the universe has to offer. Thank you Vivian for taking the time to share your list with us!

Max and Viv holding hands. One of my favorite pictures of all time.
Looking at this makes me super happy!

  1.  Enjoying a more than satisfying bowl of pho at Lim Kee (still thinking about it)
  2. Feeling that for the first time, I was truly and fully present in church this past Sunday
  3. Walking outside in the warm weather without shivering
  4. Tending to my plants (basil, rosemary, zucchini, pink gerbera daisies, sunflowers!) in the garden and encouraging them to grow
  5. Wearing my new black dress with small white polka dots (from Forever 21) accented with a thin red belt, and feeling oh so feminine and pretty in it
  6. The two short flights and short layover to and from San Jose
  7. The anticipation of falling in love again
  8. Finally discovering where the variance was coming from in the bank reconciliation for work - Eureka!
  9. The news that a work friend I haven't seen in forever is pregnant after trying for a long time. (I sent her the link for East Van Baby  :D)
  10. Interacting with Max and seeing his reactions. Loving his smile, his giggles, his two front teeth, the way he grasps my finger, the baby gibberish he tries to communicate.
  11. Clear mascara

i love your list Vivian! 

Have you stopped to think about what makes you happy?
Let us be thankful!

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