Sunday, August 26, 2012


Oh dear!

2 big milestones to publish today

1) Max started crawling a few days ago!

he seems to love going to the kitchen of all places. i'm not sure what type of baby proofing i need...maybe just a gate for the kitchen. I have the electrical sockets covered. Right now, once he gets somewhere, he gets stuck. i dont think it has clicked in yet that he can turn around and come back the other way, although he crawls backwards to re-adjust his field of vision

2) Max can pull himself up to his knees by himself! i've been walking into his room after naps to find him on his knees waiting for me (must get a pic of this cuteness)! Furthermore he can balance on the coffee table on his two legs (but i have to position him this way).  This guy is growing up too fast!


What is on your mind?


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