Sunday, August 19, 2012

Max is 7 months old!

Yay Maximoo is 7 months old! Seriously, wasn't I just blogging about him turning 6 months old? where does the time go?! 

  • Max has 2 teeth, lower center. we've had no issues with teething! (knock on wood)
  • link #13 on the Jolly Jumper
  • he sit himself up from tummy position and stay sitting on his own on the floor, actively use his arms to maintain balance as needed, but loves to roll around all over the floor readjusting himself and practicing his new skills. I no longer need "swiffer" the floor as he does this for me haha
  • Lots of baby talk! Husband thinks he's saying "daddy" and "dada" which he kind of is, but i think he's just loving the way it sounds and feels in his mouth. he's not exactly looking at husband and saying you-are-my-dada. or am i in denial? I deserve to have mama be the first word! hehe
  • definitely crawling backwards. doing planks. but his left leg seems to be getting stuck right now and is preventing him from really moving! he's lifting up each arm at a time to move, but only to rock back and forth or fall flat on his belly. By the end of this month i think we'll have a crawler
  • he's a fast one! one minute he'll be within a visible area from the kitchen, the next 30 seconds later he's rolled off somewhere and got back up in a sitting position
  • i love that he sees his pacifier amongst a pile of toys and knows he wants it, picks it up, and puts it in his mouth. Is this a precocious child or what? skills!
  • he's able to drink from his straw cup! dont worry though, the water is all for fun. i give him about max 15mls a day to practice the straw technique
  • separation and stranger anxiety continues, but more varied than just general crying if im not there
  • Max loves looking at older kids and kind of talks to them with his prolonged vowel and consonant sounds. the way he stares at them makes me think he wants to be a big kid too right then and there. endearing little man
  • bedtime 830pm. 2-3 wakeup at night to feed. awake anytime from 7am-8am. we aren't co-sleeping as much as it's been hot and i think he's quite content not doing so (awww)
As part of our food adventures, i took Max to the Trout Lake Farmer's Market yesterday. I didn't want to forgo freshness and buy a bunch of stuff and freeze it for him. so, i just showed him around, felt some veggies, and got a feel for the ambiance. Besides the carrots in the pic, I was surprised to learn that there is a large number of veggies and fruits aren't really made to be "first foods" so we had to settle for some sweet potato and butternut squash (nasty).

I didn't leave empty handed! We picnic'd at the grassy area and watched a local baseball game (or rather friends large enough to create 2 teams to play baseball). While Max rolled around, i tried to NOT devour the entire loaf  serving of Whole Wheat Pumpkin (and chocolate chips) Loaf that we just bought from Small Pleasures (a yummy baker at the farmers market).  These flavours come together so naturally! 


  1. Max is just so cute! My favourite baby age is 6-8 months so we are right in the peak of it over here. Loving every minute of it!


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