Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Food Time!

Since about the 20th of July, i've been on the eating bandwagon. I've got all this baby food making 'stuff', my fellow online January momma's group are doing it, a mom and baby group at the Lee CHC was doing a solids talk- it was all a sign to start I tell you!

Our initial food was barley cereal which i made into a light puree (well, i added water to a desired consistency).  as expected, he wasn't too happy about this texture in his mouth. He never really spat it out, but he just had a look of disgust on his face and kind of let the food fall from his mouth hahaa

end of first week of barley cereal

I've also been reading a lot about how food is not only about learning how to eat but is also about learning social skills. Because of the open concept layout of our living/dining, prior to Max, husband and I would just eat wherever (bad habit), but now I'm making a conscious effort to eat as a family at the table. If not for all meals, then at least dinner. Thanks to my friend Sarah who gave me her space saver high chair, Max has now joined us at the table! He gets his own dish and spoon to play with and get used to, but seeing as how I'm a bit of a neat freak (not necessarily clean freak) and witnessing how he throws the spoon and plate around (yikes), I haven't put food on his plate yet to help him help himself.

max with dish and spoon, not too happy! 

if there was food on that plate, id be freaking (internally)

I was getting really worried until YESTERDAY because Max totally was hating the high chair. I really didn't want negative associations with eating because of this high chair so thank the Lawd that I saw Sarah yesterday who suggested that I tilt the chair. the result? AMAZING! no freak outs (knock on wood) within a few minutes of being on the chair.

initial week

happy camper when angle isn't so rigidly upright

As of late, Max has tried the barley cereal, bananas, and avocado. I wanted to use my 'stuff' so i made a small batch of green beans, carrots, and sweet potato of various textures and which are in the freezer as we speak. 

As for feeding practices, i use the mush texture for the barley cereal as i have no other choice really. I cut up bananas and avocados in small chunks and feed it to him via spoon, but on other days i've also mashed up bananas and mashed up avocados (not together), put it on his spoon and let him feed himself. The common denominator is that spoon! When i can get my head around on the concept of the inevitable mess (yes, giving him his own spoon with puree on it is about all the mess i can handle right now), we'll try the baby led feeding technique where he feeds himself. No pincer grasp here just yet though.

big boy feeding himself

Im trying all sorts of ways to get food into Max, but i'm not desperate for him to eat as I know breast milk is #1 for him. However, there are days that I'm feeling discouraged that he's not eating enough food and i hate throwing away food (like an avocado that has turned brown as we don't feel like eating it either). i also do have to remind myself to be patient, and that all of this is just for fun right now for him and myself. 

Tonight, Max was actually opening his mouth for his cereal and banana mix! Wow, I know! He also likes it when i make airplane noises and then stop short as his mouth multiple times before going in with the food. He still doesn't LOVE the high chair, and I find I can get more into him when we're both sitting on the ground.

I can't wait for the day he gobbles all this food up and becomes even chunkier!! 


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