Wednesday, August 29, 2012

EGADS im 30!

Honestly just the sound of me being 30 years old sounds impossible! Not that it's old, but this milestone has seriously has snuck up on me (along with turning 20, 25, and 29).

30 year old club 
(best friends since we were 14 y/o)

Hurray i'm 30! Not sure what I (and the universe) have/has planned for me this decade, but I think it'll be a good one! Places to go, people to see and meet, food to eat, things to experience, babies to watch grow, and just enjoy this gift of waking up each day. I am thankful to be living this long when there are people out there just fighting to live another day.

{30 things that make me happy} 

  1. Max (in all his entirety)
  2. husband, family, friends
  3. husband's forearms and general physique. i think he's as fit as some 30 y/o 
  4. my mom's cooking. THE BEST. Especially sinigang, kare kare, and Christmas ham
  5. Moe, extra affectionate in the morning like clockwork as he knows im about to feed him
  6. hanging out with friends and even if it's not as often, it always feels like nothing's changed
  7. taro slush bubble tea with pearls from the place in Tinseltown, Bubbleworld, or Metrotown
  8. taking Max to the pool and tanning while he's sleeping
  9. finding something i want at a second hand store on the day i wanted it
  10. the energy of the mall during Christmas time
  11. really cold water for drinking. Particularly, my glass of water topped up constantly at an eatery
  12. a computer that works and runs fast
  13. cutting up food with quality knives
  14. house plants that like their spot and grow healthily
  15. a booming backyard fruit and vegetable garden
  16. a cool to cold (in temperature) bedroom to sleep in, and my bed
  17. sleeping back to back with husband during the cold months (he's exothermic)
  18. big toques, long coats, leather gloves, and shoes that don't slide in the snow
  19. the color green
  20. shopping. as well as finding clothes that are ready to wear and fit perfectly
  21. shoes that don't need breaking in
  22. Lipstick. Especially, MAC Russian Red, Brick O' La, and Cosmo
  23. the way husband seasons and cooks rainbow trout
  24. Alaska Roll and Yam tempura roll from Kadoya
  25. danish teak furniture. i especially love my dining table
  26. hanging around at the park for 1/2 a day 
  27. going to Superstore
  28. old school Bon Jovi. Jon Bon Jovi during the New Jersey days
  29. cleanliness, tidiness, organization, punctuality
  30. change of colors when it becomes Fall
C'est La Vie!

End of summer get together at New Brighton Park.


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