Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Sleep Post..zzzzzz

At 6 months, I continue to be on the sleep training project. It's seriously a roller coaster, it's always something!

somewhere between 7am-720am is our wake up time
first nap around 830am
bedtime 830pm

cuteness in all its glory

  • Lately i've been gifted with at least 45 minute naps 3 times a day. The most he's ever lasted was an amazing 2 hours (more than once too)! 
  • Has anyone heard of the 2-3-4 baby sleep schedule? It's where after baby first wakes up, he lasts for 2 hours before first nap...then awake for 3hrs....then awake for 4hrs then bedtime
  • Max is kind of on this schedule, but if he goes for 4 hours without napping, he becomes Mr. Grumpy after his bath. as expected, the bath triggers and heightens his relax mode and he can't even wait to dry off and get into his pi's before he can be put to bed (lots of overtired crying here)
  • He's most resistant to napping during the evening. when i put him down in his crib, he knows it's sleep time and is almost instantly upset. Too bad for my poor parents who visit at this time! until recently, he just REFUSED to sleep between 4-8pm despite how tired he is. but, probably my fault as hindsight is 20/20 ...see below
  • however, i've been having some successes these last 4 days with afternoon sleeps by pretending i'm also sleeping in the bed beside his crib. he goes down, i lie down. he cries for a little bit and I'm on my side not making eye contact with him (but watching with one eye). He plays around in his crib, cries a little, sees that I'm there but not talking to him (which instantly would rouse him if i did) and within 20 minutes or so he's asleep! something about me not interacting with him signals that it's quiet time as for the most part, he's quietly entertaining himself too. i love this technique right now because he's put down awake and I'm not per say Ferberizing him, but I am letting him cry a little but also know that he's safe as i didn't abandon him in his room to cry out alone. furthermore, i think I'm also teaching himself to self soothe to sleep without being so harsh
  • i always did this for his first naps to set his body clock and it always worked. I guess i didn't apply this earlier to his evening naps because i have other things to do during the evening besides investing 20 minutes in waiting for him to sleep, but i've decided those things can now wait (or i've delegated the tasks) so Max can sleep
  • As for sleeping at night, he's waking up a lot. I've rationalized this to teething and growth spurts so I'm just going with it 
  • I'm not nursing him to sleep, just nursing him to drowsy. I'm staying conscious on how his sucks feel...whether he's swallowing or just nibbling and then i unlatch him
  • Max is now waking up at 1130pm (feed then bed), 2am (feed and then bedshare), 4am (decides to practice his new skills, super restless beside me, goes back to sleep around 5am!, feed), and sometimes whimpering around 6am and then goes back to sleep all to be woken up around 720am. WOW I'm tired
  • before Max would sleep soundly beside me on his back, now he has to be on his belly. although i find it cute/amazing/loving/wonderful that he always has to touch me while we're bed sharing, it's a bit much when he has to raise his legs and slam them on the mattress (as he hits me), and spread out like a star (as he whacks me), and roll around adjusting himself (as he kicks me) lol
  • 4am seems to always have been the witching hour with this little man...i went into labor at 4am, and ever since he was a newborn he always woke up at 4am due to something
  • I've been contemplating on weaning him from his night feeds but it just doesn't seem right for me to unlatch him when he's still hungry and expect him to go to sleep
  • car motion still puts him to sleep
  • he's been hating the car seat as i think it makes him hot and sweaty (which leads to an eczema outbreak)
  • I'm still sleeping in his room with him. although i love it, i also want my bed back. i haven't really thought about him sleeping on our king bed though as he's restless..what if he falls over the side or between the mattress and the wall? anyone have advice?
Why can't he be a champion sleeper like me?! boo hoo


  1. I allow Baby Loquacious to bed-share with me from 5:00 am onwards (after Hubbs wakes up). If it's just the two of us, I lie across the bed sideways and have an arm around Baby L. She doesn't tend to roll away when she's nursing and sleeping but once she's awake, I have to be hyper-vigilant because she has *no* concept of heights or falling off the bed.

    I find that when I'm sleeping with her, I tend to be more alert even in my sleep, and because my arm is around her, she doesn't roll away. It's not recommended to bed-share but when I'm so flippin' tired after the 4:00 am wake-up, and she's ready to go down again at 5:00, I'm *so* encouraging the sleep (more sleep for me too!).

  2. oh that's a good tip! what if hubby doesn't leave though? i guess I can just push him to the edge of the bed, while baby and i take up 2/3's of it? haha


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