Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics 2012

I don't LOVE the Olympics, but I do love everything about the energy it brings- and I can feel it all the way here across the Atlantic (or Pacific whichever way you want to travel). 

My most favourite parts are the snippets leading up to the broadcast of the opening ceremony where they talk about the history of the country and all its glory and then incorporate Olympics history, and then projected magnificence during the games. My 2nd favourite part is the end, where they again tie the history of the country and the history made during these olympics. It's probably good editing, but it makes me just a smudge emotional! 

Even though we're not a crazy athletics type of family, the Olympics just open up ideas of all sorts of activities Max can be in one day. Perhaps the next Michael Phelps? The next Kohei Uchimura? How wonderful the opportunities are for the next generation!

Maximoo, I promise to enroll you in any sport you want (but ill put up a mild-moderate battle if you want to enrol in anything with brain injury potential) and promise to not be a Tiger Mom about it.


What is on your mind?


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