Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We decided to go swimming today at the local community centre. Even though we lasted only about 15 minutes (on purpose), we still had so much fun!  Why so short you ask? Well, I wasn't sure how Mr. Sensitive Skin was going to react to the chlorine as husband apparently was covered in hives due to chlorine when he was a child.

Good news, NO reaction! Woot! The little man is destined to be the next Michael Phelps I tell ya! (jk, no pressure)

The initial entrance was a cautious one. Kept him close to me, slowly dipped his legs then went deeper and deeper. Lots of bobbing up and down but no head dunks just yet. Did some side swims, back swims, and forward swims. It may be mean to say but it's so cute when his bottom jaw/lip chatters because he was cold (the pool was heated).

On a green note, we used BUMMIS Swimmi in medium, that i purchased from Lussobaby in North Van. They can be found in most places in the lower mainland. No poop in the swimming diaper!

Key things to bring when bringing a baby to the pool:

  • whatever diaper you'll be using after
  • your swimming diaper
  • a hooded towel
  • and dress the baby in a sleeper going there and for going back (same one and preferably with a zipper). I can imagine it being hard to dress a wet squirming, shivering baby
  • a hat/skull cap (i failed to bring this and Max was chattering from being moist after we got him dressed)


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