Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Must Have's This Past Month!

This post is dedicated to the mama and baby Eli who recognized me at Grandview Park! Woot! 

1)  SUNSAFETY:  Sunscreen (I bought Badger for baby), Sun Hat (I found the original Flap Happy at Little Earth), and BUMMIS Swimmi reusable swimming diaper
    See my rationale over here ---> Mer-man Outdoors and Mer-Man

2)  Rainforest Jumperoo (a wonderful Craigslist buy)

This was really helpful this month as I could just park it in front of the kitchen, dining table, or living room and didn't have to set it up like you do with the Jolly Jumper (which surprisingly, i haven't used much this month). After Max's first nap, I just plop him in here while he plays and watches me (decreasing the separation anxiety issues going on right now) and I can make something to eat, eat, and generally multitask.  When i first got this, he was about 3.5 months old and didn't even reach the ground on the lowest setting, now at 6 months, he's now at level 2 setting! My how he grows so big, so fast. I loved this for the HANDS FREE TIME and for some REST as Max is so heavy lately!

3) JJ Cole Pacifier Pod

I've actually had this for a while now and just realized how vital it has been in the last few months. Though i was against soothers in the beginning (long story), i've since realized that there are times when soothers are ESSENTIAL. Thus, I don't leave home without one. I used to carry one in a ziploc bag in my purse, but then the bag got lo and behold, i bought this thing. Doesn't get slimy, easy cleaned, no ziploc litter to add to the landfill, and i just attach it to the CARSEAT! Prior to going out, i eyeball that this is in place and that a soother is in tow. Now if someone wants to take Max for a brief walk without me, a soother is available to them when he freaks rather than stuck in my purse and nowhere am i to be found.

4) Nursing Covers - We have the Bebe Au Lait

I've spoken about this before, but it came really handy lately since the weather has been nice out and we've been out and about. I HATE nursing in washrooms. I also am not comfortable whipping out the breast in public. So this has been vital for the public feeds in comfortable places. When not in use, I also use it to cover the carseat when he naps or trying to wind down so he's not so overstimulated.  The only problems I've experienced lately though is that i find Max gets all hot and sweaty inside there when he feeds...i think it's cotton?! Anyhow, he feels sweaty whenever he feeds under this. Maybe it's just us. And lastly, this may take out the visual stimulation, but doesn't take out the audible with his distracted nursing issue lately, he's flapping this all around and i'm flashing people in public thanks 
to him haha

5) Large blankets for tummy time (or how about Eyes at the back of your head)

Any baby blanket will do but as long as it's large. I'm not sure about your baby, but my baby is on the carpet and within 10 seconds, he's like at least 2 ft away from the initial spot on the floor. got there on his own accord, all on his tummy. It's lightning fast and scary. I like to think i'm clean, but sadly, we're not perfectly clean and i don't want him to start licking the floor or putting whatever dust balls in his mouth! EW! Anyhow, I'm constantly picking him up and putting him back into a safe area (last time he was almost halfway under the couch LOL)

6) SOPHIE the Giraffe

My son is a statistic! This is his go-to toy. In this pre-teething stage, he just gnaws on this thing non stop. He loves it! What they say is true, it's easy to grasp and hold, squeaking captures his attention, and  feels good on the gums (head and feet, in Max's case).


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