Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mer-man Outdoors!

With the weather finally feeling like summer (let the complaining begin), we definitely were on a mission to seek out activities to keep us cool. It was actually a toss between going Berry picking in Richmond or go swimming, but sadly and fortunately, the U-Pick place i wanted to go to was closed on Sundays, so we went to a lively outdoor pool with gorgeous views of the north shore mountains...New Brighton Park!

Mind you, i didn't exactly pay THAT much attention to the mountains, but when i did notice the unobstructed scenery, i was definitely impressed!

Outdoor pool sun safety:

1)  Sunscreen for the wee one

I chose the Badger baby sun block as it had zinc in it, i've used this brand before as a lip sunscreen for mexico, and that it scored relatively well on the GOOD GUIDE

Although it was a whopping $20+ tax, I think it's a good investment to keep baby's skin (and health) well. It was a little greasy which made it very easy to apply- rub in the palms of your hands and THEN apply to the exposed baby areas. Max didn't stay ghostly white. Although i kept reapplying it after every dip, i still saw the product on this skin while in the pool (water resistant), and he didn't have any weird skin reactions to it. The staff at Little Earth assured me that this one tube will last all summer.

Where else to buy this product I don't know as I haven't gone on any major hunts, but probably Whole Foods.

2) Sun Shirt with sunblock

I added an extra protection from the sun for Max with this rash guard/swim shirt/sun shirt from Old Navy (clearance time alert!). The tag said UPF 50, so it was a perfect thing to swim in with his Bummis as the bottoms. Because of this tangible physical block, I only needed to put sunscreen on his exposed areas like face, forearms, and legs.

3) Umbrella

Max was under a beach umbrella by the pool when not in the water.

4) Sun hat

Ok, I neglected to put a hat on Max when we were in the pool. I don't know why. It's not like i was dunking his head! Now that i see the pictures and that he was squinting in every one, i am slapping myself on the forehead. I have a sun hat with the UPF 50 factor about it, but i only used it when he was sitting in the shade...dumb I know. Next time, Sun Hat while in the pool! I'm thinking of getting one like this for the pool and in general, as I'm not too happy about how big his current sun hat is on him, thus covering his eyes and irritating him. but i can't decide or figure out if there's a big difference between the flap style or the wide brim style (the latter a little more feminine i guess? just personal preference?)


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