Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy List ::July::

  1. friends going out of their way to meet up because i didn't have a ride
  2. Max's squeals and instant excitement when he sees Moe flash by
  3. my parents picking us up from Granville Island when I needed help
  4. perfect shade of tan without the burn
  5. wide brimmed hats that don't look too cowboy or too fedora
  6. perfect summer watermelons found at T & T and Donald's
  7. smell of bbq'd hot dogs and following the smoke trail to the source on the field
  8. unexpectedly bumping into a former coworker i haven't seen in 9 years
  9. Max getting his best and longest sleeps when sleeping beside me
  10. Max's arm (purposely?) looking for me in the dark or when half asleep
  11. bavarian chocolate filled donuts from Lee's Donuts on Granville Island

Have you stopped to think about what makes you happy?
Let us be thankful!


What is on your mind?


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