Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day of Firsts (a day to beef)

  • Max got up on all fours on his own multiple times today for 1-5 seconds. He's going to crawl soon and the apartment needs to be baby proofed!
  • I transited to Granville Island all by myself today. Somewhere between 7th and Granville and Granville Island Max must've spat out his soother and because he was covered up with a blanket, I didn't notice when and where. So I'm shopping and he starts escalating, and i'm looking for the soother. WHERE THE F* was it? totally sweating. Escalating baby, no extra soother, baby wants to nap, Kid's Market super noisy, and I had to BUS home as husband was  taking a walk on the Drive and couldn't be reached. Made an S.O.S call to my parents who were near Metrotown to pick me up. and they did. God Bless these parents of mine!!! I just had to suffer through 20 minutes or so of carrying some groceries, and Max, and pushing a stroller with one hand, while being bashed in the head by Max turning his head side to side and leaning forward from all the interesting things he was seeing at the stage in front of Net Loft. My arms got a weeks worth of a workout today as Max refused to be put back in the stroller for more than 2 minutes
  • how did we get home you ask? I used my pinky as a pacifier until he fell asleep (no, this can't be done on the bus due to seat layouts and overall unseen nastiness i could've been touching before I sat down on the bus). Of course, he falls asleep 10 minutes before we arrive home. and when we did get home, i was all gung-ho about getting him out of the carseat and him easily being lulled back asleep with a snack. so i unbuckled him and plucked him out of the car seat and plopped into his bed. Big BIG Mistake! he got his second wind, and he cried while awake, and cried because he didn't want to sleep...which led to...
  • The worst day of naps Max has ever had in my opinion- he just doesn't want to sleep but his body is telling him he needs too. aka MELTDOWN! from 1230pm-425pm, he slept for a total of 10 minutes.
  • Max sat in a high chair at a restaurant (or rather, hole in the wall on the Drive), he liked it for all of 5 minutes and started to get upset. He sat on my lap as I ate dinner and almost spilled my lamb curry
  • bought an overpriced storage bin at retail price (I love it though)
  • took the high road and agreed to disagree with husband before it turned into a huge fight and consciously diffused the situation even though I was grinding my teeth (yes, this is a first)
it's 908pm and I'm going to bed


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