Saturday, July 21, 2012

Celebrating 6 months!

Wow! We're at the 6 month mark! What an incredible journey it has been for Max and I (and husband). as strange as it may sound, just recently did i feel the actual beauty of life created. Sure I knew 1 egg + 1 sperm = baby, but this was just scientific vocabulary to me. But now, when I look at Max, I just am AMAZED at how 1 egg and 1 sperm became this growing human being.  I'm not going to get all religious on anyone, but this miracle and beauty cannot be explained by science alone! 

Whats Maxiboy like these days? 

- temperament: love how he's laughing at things he finds amusing or when he's having fun
  he's definitely playing around with how sounds feel in his mouth. Lots of high pitched squeals again and long vowel sounds
  some moderate separation anxiety. My parents and sister have first hand experiences with his   
 escalated cries. I honestly can't leave for more than 5 minutes without him getting upset
  smiles at the first moment he sees me, i LOVE this (trade off for the separation anxiety)
  short attention span, easily distracted (hard for breastfeeding, even nursing cover doesn't help)
  gets pretty upset lately when he knows he's confined to the carseat. soothers are always necessary

- motor/ mobility: with some help getting into position, he can stay sitting up on his own! (pillows   
  around him when/if he tips over)
  turns 360 on his belly, whatever direction he wants with intention. he can move backwards, but  
  not forwards yet
  bending knees while on tummy...ready to lunge forward but not doing so. crawling in no time!
  rolls from back to tummy A LOT, but hasn't figured out that another option is tummy to back when    
  he's uncomfortable...although he can do this.
  reaches for things he wants
  raised the jumperoo to level 2
  can take pacifier out of his mouth. also able to put it back but not correctly, Pincer grasp pending for 
  some baby led weaning
  so restless on the crib, i can lie him in the centre, and if i spend enough time watching he's covered the 
  entire surface area with his exploring and crawling
  grabbing at his feet and more high kicks. i think his legs are too chubs for him to put his feet in mouth
  can be pretty difficult to get clothes and diapers on him as always wants to turn on the change table,   
  can't stay still
- eczema: mild dry patches on his scalp, I'm using his eczema oil less frequently than before but at least he's still scratching without drawing blood. 
 no further outbreaks on his face, but his back and torso seems to get it now. I'm keeping him  
 moisturized with Eucerin's Aquaphor, his face moisturized with the calendula cream and if it's a really 
 bad patch, then i go to the hydrocortisone. when he sweats, he breaks out on his body.

- sleep: bedtime is at 830pm and his body knows it. he wakes up at around 12am and 4am-ish and I   
 nurse him. maybe he just IS hungry as he's always eating, or he just needs to comfort that is Mom. 
 He starts struggling to stay asleep around 530am and that's about the time when i bring him into bed   
 with me, pop a soother in briefly to calm him down and just so he doesn't escalate and he eventually 
 spits it out. we co-sleep until wake up time 7am. Next nap 830 am.
 I've been putting him down awake when i see the first signs of sleepiness and he manages to put 
 himself to sleep with the occasional cries for help
 sleeps on his belly in odd positions
 naps have improved from the old 30-45minutes pattern to, 45-2 hours pattern!
 the longest he's stayed up is 4 hours, but the longest he's stayed up and is still happy was 3 hours

general: #3 pampers cruisers
still loves the sound and feel of water - whether it's running water, or pool, or his bathtub
lots of yummy chubs
very easily entertained/distracted by Moe the cat's movements
hair grabbing
lots of pinching (OW)
sucking his thumb when he feels the need to soothe himself

Oh so many changes! I honestly can't name them all. I think this last month was the biggest in change that i've seen...or I'm getting enough sleep that i can actually pay attention without looking at life in a sleep deprived daze. who knows what i mean? hehe


  1. Love reading about Max's milestones. Helps me with seeing where Baby L is at since she's a mere 2 weeks younger! So far I can identify with everything you've mentioned! My girl has just figured out the tummy-to-back roll so now she goes rolling all over the place.

    Re:eczema, do you know if Protopic is safer than hydrocortisone? It was prescribed by my derm and it cleared up my eczema better than the cortisone.

    1. when max first rolled, he would do it non stop and it totally affected his sleep as he would get stuck all the friction time. he had to re-learn tummy to back, which he is doing now, but not as fluently as back to tummy.

      re: protopic, i have no idea what this is as i don't have eczema and it was never Rx to us. I'm using calendula for his delicate facial skin and it hasn't come back, Eucerin's Aquaphor to maintain equilibrium for his body (the calendula has no effect on the body patches), and if it's a bad patch, then i go to cortisone. I'm really not into the cortisone still even though it works, still trying to figure out what triggers it. sweating is one, but that's a necessary function! so it's a work in progress to get it under control

    2. Protopic's official name is tacrolimus ( and I only used it because I had a patch of eczema on my face that wouldn't go away, not even with cortisone. I used so much cortisone that my skin actually became dependent on it, so after like 1.5 years I went to see a dermatologist who prescribed me the Protopic. I used it, and voila. No more eczema. As in, none in the past several years since. Just a thought since I know how annoying eczema is...

      You have the same sleep routine with Max that I do with Baby Loquacious. We also bed-share from 5:00am onwards, but prior to that, I just nurse her and put her back in her crib, sometimes 3 times a night!

  2. i love part time bed sharing! He wakes up, sees me, and has such a huge smile! does your baby sleep extra well when beside you?

    we are still nursing 2-3x a night too! I don't mind anymore, it's not as exasperating as before.

    1. Totally. Baby Loquacious can nap for up to 2.5 hours when we're bed-sharing but on her own, it would be far shorter in the morning. That said, her afternoon naps (also with me, also bed-sharing) are only 30-40 minutes long.

      I love the first five minutes post-wake-up. The smiles you get then are the biggest most sincere ones for sure.

      And yeah, the nightly nursings are much more tolerable now that I've figured out how to do it lying down. I swear, everything is just a little easier the older (and bigger) she gets!


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