Saturday, June 30, 2012

what the....

2 challenges are facing us this week

1) Max is super super distracted while breastfeeding. Even the daylight distracts him.

I have to go into a darkened room that's nearly noise free to BF. nursing covers (in a public setting) do nothing to help except make both of us sweaty. im not sure if he's getting enough calories hence why he's waking at night

2) Max has learned to roll from his back to his tummy. He does it non stop, even at night. AND, he gets stuck, yes, at night.

He's usually fed before any sleep, so he goes to bed awake...rolls onto his belly...spits up from the pressure on his belly...face on the spit up...I hear an SOS cry...I walk in to a baby covered in puke.

Lol poor baby

2 accomplishments this week

1) we spent 1 hour at the passport office and no meltdowns!

2) we went to church for the first time and again, no meltdowns!


2 things I'm wondering about

1) baby led weaning vs traditional puréed first foods

2) what's the big deal with rice cereal? I think I'll just go for avocados...hmmm


  1. So interested in knowing what your readers think about the two different ways to intro solids. My readers are being silent on the matter. :(

    1. hehe i don't market this website at all, there will likely be no responses!

  2. haha our babies are at the same point right now! Josie is SO distracted while nursing. Her big brother is #1 distraction. His voice across the room makes her pop off and then she tries to turn in my lap to find him. For us, our best success, is side laying position in my room just the two of us.

    I'm going to a little talk on Thursday about 'baby led weaning' at Saf and Benjamin in Yaletown. This Thursday 10-12. When I first started solids with our first baby we skipped all boxed grains. It seemed weird to me to go from breast milk to a boxed processed food. (I still agree on that thought). So, baby #1's first food was lumpy bananas with some breast milk. Why the added breast milk? Well, at the time, I thought I needed to thin it out a bit...but with all the 'baby led weaning' talk it seems that maybe this second baby will just get tiny chopped up banana as her 'first' food.

  3. I'm still not sure as to what to do! I just want to get that iron in! hearing chicken is a great first food now

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