Saturday, June 2, 2012

What a night

Well last night was a complete write off for sleep! max woke up at 12am thrashing as always (midnight, 3am, 6am are his favorite times now). I thought it was just a temp thing with the Swaddle but now I'm fed up and going to go cold turkey with the no-Swaddle anymore night routine. Prior to this I was unswaddling only one arm for naps to get him used to it ...from the patterns I was seeing, left arm Swaddle = 45-60min naps, if right arm swaddled = 30-45minnaps. Night time, Swaddle for now. I was prepared to take this on for 2-3 weeks but now...


last night he woke up at midnight thrashing and crying as he realized he was swaddled, so I gave him what he wanted, his hands = no swaddling! he cries when swaddled, cries when not swaddled...I was seriously contemplating whether to just keep him swaddled as at least the crying time would be definite vs the unknown reaction to the no swaddling. Hmmmm...woke up at 12, 130, 5, 6. Clocking in 20-45 minutes of crying almost each time. Notice the gaps? it's cuz I dream fed him at 2am and basically 2-5 was the only sleep I got.

Watch out world, not sure if I can help being a complete bitch today! Hehe

new plan as of last night:
No swaddling for naps or night time sleep, use sleep sacs
Teach baby how to self soothe
dream feed overnight

***June 3 night 2 addendum: max slept in a sleep sac from 9pm-615am. No crying! I dream fed him 3x (11, 230, 5) as I was worked up, waking prematurely in a state of mild anxiety with every peep, and wondering "should I...shouldn't I" every time I was woken up. I wasn't prepared to wake up so early so I brought him into bed with me and we slept until 730!

***june 4 night 3: slept 9-6, no crying, mild peeps, 2 dream feeds (1 and 445), 6-645am lots of tossing and thrashing but no crying, tried to extend sleep until 7 am but I think he had enough.

***june 5 night 4: slept 9-5 with one bottle dream feed from dad (omg I know). 30 sec restlessness at 1145pm, resettled with a little head caressing. Soother popped in at 5am as he woke up crying but eyes closed, and slept till 715am.

***june 6 night 5: max's naps have gone from 45mins to 30 mins 4x a day. Why oh why? He was such a restless little man last night. He wakes up, lifts his legs and drops them on the bed ... Almost every 1.5hrs multiple times. Hard to sleep but definitely better than crying. 1 dream feed. Soother at 6am, official wake up time 7am

***june 7 and 8: we are officially Swaddle free! Woot!


  1. Good stuff. Sleep and babies can be tricky and there is no one thing that will work for each mama/baby or even each night. Glad to hear you clocked a bit more sleep.


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