Friday, June 1, 2012

staying alive

Now that max is older, he's not just cute but cute And fun as he is now more interactive with me and other people.

One of the things Max and I love doing together is dancing! multiple times A day, we turn on the local station 103.5 qm/fm and I carry him and we dance along around the house, particularly in front of the mirror. Call me old but this is one of the only radio stations nowadays that play songs I know and can sing along to! the majority of the time I know the lyrics to whatever is playing and though I sing pretty crappily, it is fun to refresh these tunes in my head and is such an easy learning activity for baby via language development!

The second thing we love doing is me whipping him on the jolly jumper and I walk on the spot while he dances...probably thinking that I'm dancing too! Trust me it's more amusing this way than just sitting in front of him watching him. When my feet move around, Max's legs jerk/dance around more. So cute! Sometimes he drops his weight on the jumper and thus bounces like on a swing and other times he uses one leg to anchor himself on the ground as he does an almost 180degree turn (think geometry tool, forgot what it is called). what I do love most of all is him looking up at me and smiling or just observing, and me looking down at him in amusement and just soaking it in at how small he is yet we connect on so many levels.

When he first used the jumper he was on link 7, now he's on link 8!

On a heavier note (pun intended), my period came today after not having it since week 7 (week 18 now)...whomp whomp!


  1. We are all about the Jolly Jumper right now too. I love it because it gives her something to do while I do something else. Like have a shower. I have the perfect view of her from my glassed in shower. It also gives her great 'exercise' and really tires her out.


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