Friday, June 22, 2012

Month 5 Must Haves

The transition into this month consumer wise was relatively easy as I made do with what I already had. These few things were nice to have, but not all are must haves

1) Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

I bought this on craigslist a month and a half or so ago, but intended on getting it when Max was barely 2 months old. During a playdate, my friends' son who is 3 months older than Max was going c-r-a-z-y on his, crazy as in having the time of his life type of way! When i first put Max into this at the 3.5month mark, i had to put a pillow under his feet as even on the lowest setting he was nowhere near reaching the ground. Plus, he was so unsure of the toys and situation that he would just keep his hands inside the seat and kind of look around at the colours and lights but not interact. NOW, Max jumps like crazy, can reach the ground with his feet without help, plays with the toys, spins around discovering things as if it was all new to him with each turn, and Laughs from enjoyment...PRICELESS! He  spits up on it, he bashes it, he plays with the rolling things and it is SO fun to watch. Yes, another option to be hands free!  The only thing wrong with this thing is that it takes up so much room! Thank goodness the previous owners kept the box so i can disassemble when Max is done with it!

2) HALO Sleep Sac

yep, its made a comeback in the house! However no more swaddle part, so he basically is wrapped like the baby with the white sleeves. It's great for those summer nights when it's so hot in his room as it's all cotton. 

3)  SOPHIE the Giraffe and this silver rattle

When we first bought the silver rattle, max could barely lift it, he can just pick it up from his side and shake it (not sure if it's intentional shakes or jerky arm movements though). He must remember this sound from when he was in utero because it almost instantly snaps him out of his grumpy zone! He sees the shiny thing and he stops, stares, and stretches out his hands for me to give it to him. Once he gets it, it goes straight to his mouth haha. The upside, it's silver and very easy to clean and safe for baby. The downside, it's metal and it's hard and his arm movements aren't smooth enough so he whacks himself in the face at times which results in some crying! awww

On the other side of the elements, is the $21 teething toy that almost every one has. This also snaps him out of his zone. It's fun, the squeak is annoying, but it's easy for him to grab, hold onto, and gnaw on. When he whacks himself in the face with it, there's no crying. It's a keeper!

4) Bibs

At this stage, Max is getting a rash around his neck and chest area from all his drooling, spit up, and or sweat. Bibs are a must, i have lots that came with outfits...and they suck. Why? because they shrink in the wash and the trim gets all warped. The other bib brand i have is the Mally Bib which i bought off of ebay, but that's an eating bib. The one bib brand that i really like is this Honey Bunny brand from who knows where...maybe Walmart? but it's the bomb! It absorbs, it's relatively big, there's no annoying embroidery, it fits around Max's neck, and it maintains its shape and size after multiple multiple washes. I only have 3...i don't know why. You need at least one a day, and this is probably why Max has a rash! I think more bibs are in order as Max's drooling is increasing the demand.

5) Jolly Jumper

Last but not least, the good ol' Jolly Jumper. He spends about 20 minutes on this now non-stop dancing to whatever is on the radio.  He's on link 10! How this happened in a span of 1 month is amazing.

6) @nurturedchild

I follow her on twitter. I love all her tweets, I want to retweet everything! inspiring, empowering, supporting, beautiful!

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