Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Man is 5 months!

My little man is 5 months old now! Woot!

So many changes in him that it's hard to name each one...hmmm..

  • the eczema has i think migrated to his scalp...so he's been drawing blood every now and then when he's scratching his head. he loves doing this when he's very frustrated, really wants to sleep and i haven't clued in, and even in his sleep. it's particularly localized on the left side of his head so he sleeps with a sock on that hand
  • eyes are grey brown
  • awesome double chin which sadly is pooling a lot of the spit up so he's got a rash under there despite my vigilance in keeping the site dry. i've been putting a lot of cornstarch lately to keep the moisture down
  • i don't know how to describe it but he just seems bigger, solid, firmer this month. clothes he wore last week, don't really fit this week...one of those type of changes before my very eyes. i thought it was laundry shrinkage but they've been washed so many times and the collar on some of the clothes are like mid sternum area and the snaps at the bottom of his onesies are kind of hard to connect! still in 3-6 month clothing though, but realistically on the top end of that spectrum
  • he loves chewing on his hands, and definitely are now a source of comfort though it doesn't always pull through. when he's crying, i see those fingers go in his mouth instantly. at night, i hear sucking sounds at times
  • i think he's in the preliminary stage of becoming a full fledged thumb sucker. i saw that the thumb in his mouth last night. it was cute, i didn't stop him
  • he had a stage of doing high pitched squeals which i loved, but that only lasted a couple of weeks
  • he finally has taken to the rainforest Jumperoo. he spins around in it discovering all the toys, and jumps like crazy. he no longer needs my nursing textbook under him to reach the ground, but still needs a little height as his toes to mid foot are solidly on the floor. i think it's bad though to jump on tip toes right? can't be good for feet development
  • still loving the jolly jumper, still on link 8, and less puking when on it
  • not spitting up as much
  • hasn't rolled from back to belly but very close. still temperamental when rolling from belly to back
  • i think he likes tummy time, he can stay in that position for over 10 minutes playing with his toys
  • definitely grasping at stuff (like my hair) and can hold on to his toys 
  • so easily distracted while breastfeeding, i have to go into a quiet semi-darkened room when feeding. doesn't feed as well when I'm in the mall using a nursing cover, but enough to last an hour or so
  • sleep ....separate post
  • giggles are here and it's easier to get them out of him but again, whats funny last hour isn't always funny the next hour
  • doesn't stay asleep long in his carseat anymore...once motion stops, he's awake (boo)
  • when in crib or bed, he lifts his legs up in the air and slams them on the mattress multiple multiple times
  • even though he still turns his head side to side often, his bald spot is improving, flat spot not getting worse
  • #3 diapers in the next two weeks!
next month food!

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