Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's finally SUMMER and Feeling like it too!

Summer is finally here! Sure the days will get shorter from here, but on a more positive note, the sun will be shining! Welcome hot sunny days, cloudy hot days, and muggy cloudy days!!

How do you celebrate or know it's Summer in Vancouver?

1)  We LOVE going sports fishing at Rice Lake and Lafarge Lake (and possibly expanding our horizons as the months go on). Fish you catch yourself honestly tastes better than anything bought at the store!

2) The beach tent has been bought! Prior to Max, Gene and I would just soak up the rays for hours at English Bay. However, I'm going to treat maxi boy better than myself so we've bought a beach tent with UV protection so he can enjoy the beach without the sun damage! (this goes for us too)

3) Birkenstocks and Reef flip flops come out! This will result in very dirty and dry heels... anyone recommend a good heel scrubber? say NO to dry, cracked, heels! 

4) The car will be hibernating! Not that we use the car THAT much, but when the sun come out, the legs and the stroller get plenty of exercise (refer to #3, in need of a good heel scrubber after this season)

5) Time to buy some OMBRELLE! The only sunscreen i'm not allergic to! Does anyone know of a good and safe sunscreen for infants? 

6) BC Cherries! BC Strawberries! Watermelons from Safeway! My mom's canteloupe juice! Blackberry picking around the railroad tracks! Harvesting blueberries and raspberries from our bush!

7) Sunglass weather! I've got some new Ray Ban's (#3477) this year to celebrate Max's first summer!

8) People are in a great mood when the sun is out! On the flip side, people complaining about the heat!

9) End of summer clothing sales- to stock up for next summer! 

10)  If i were at work, id be saying "finally i go to work in the light, and come home in the light!" But now, "i wake up and it's light out, and i go to sleep and it's light out!" 


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