Tuesday, May 29, 2012

who likes schedules?

Did someone say schedules? Here's an example of what our day looks like. it's baby and parent-led so there are no exact times

7am-wake up. brief baby sponge down, diaper change, feed

730-830 activities on the floor. Watching for sleep cues

800-930 book wind down and nap sometime in this time frame for 45mins

930-1130 feed, activities on floor, jumper, picked up and carried around

1100am-1230pm watching for sleep cues. possibly feed again. Nap sometime in the frame for 45mins

1230-4pm usually out and about. Nap once and feed once or twice in this period

3-5pm various activities. Sleep cue watching. Feed. Nap for 45mins

5-7pm activities. Often I start feeding every hr just to fill up the tank prior to bedtime starting at 630pm

7pm short cat nap allowed so he isn't cranky ....approx 20mins

815pm start bath and bedtime routine.

830pm feed and books

9pm down to sleep

Approx 1am and 4am dream feeds

7am .... All over again!


What is on your mind?


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