Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My 3rd and 4th month must haves

We are just days away from Max being 4 months old! I don't know whether to say that the weeks are going by slow or fast- slow because I wake up at 7am nowadays and the days are stretched out for longer periods than what i'm used to, or fast because well...Max is 4 months old (this Sat)!!

I will post a Max update sometime later on, but since I missed the 3 month must-haves post, I will post one right here and now. Sadly, all the pics of the products are at the bottom of the post as blogger STILL doesn't work on this lousy computer despite upgrades! I think the end is near for this thing! Here are my 3 month and 4 month must haves in no particular order!

1) Nursing Cover - Bebe Au Lait

Now that the weather has been fabulous, i've been getting out more and spending time in my old world like the mall, the park, and various street shops. Max doesn't sleep for hours on end anymore in the carseat (much to my dismay) so when he is hungry, the boy is hungry! I'm not exactly comfortable whipping out my boob in the public spaces i've been too, and from what i've perceived, my companions aren't exactly thrilled to see my boobs either hahaha. Some are "shocked" that i'm not going into the bathrooms to nurse! (Seriously, the only amazing place to nurse within a bathroom is at pacific center mall..clean but no privacy..and park royal mall..private but beware for those who don't like small spaces). Anyhow, back to the product, I love the nursing cover. I just whip it out and on and get baby ready to feed. Faster than one can say "latch," baby is attached. When done, he content and ready for another couple of hours of activity time. It's provided me the ability to nurse anywhere I want and anytime per demand. I especially love lounge seating with a back rest a la metrotown and pacific center mall.

2) Jolly Jumper

Though i thought this was something that would drain Max's really doesn't! but it has provided me with lots of eye candy as he is just so adorable bouncing around in it. Lots of jerky feet movements, lots of just jumping up and down and letting the mechanism catch him with feet off the ground, and well, it's a fun activity for him that I can't provide. What i don't like about it is that despite waiting at least 45 minutes post feed, he still spits up while on the jumper. Poor little guy and poor floors that i'm constantly wiping up puke from. Max has about 15-20 minute tolerance for this thing and i dont know if he's just uncomfortable or bored or both...but he then wants mom to carry him and he treats my poor upper back and arms like another jolly jumper...ow! Seriously, the boy is heavy and I can't

3) Summer Infant SwaddleMe

I happened to buy the summer infant swaddleme because it was on sale at Tjkids. I had an aversion to it prior from all the lacklustre reviews on amazon about it and went with the halo sleep sack instead. However, since Max has been quite restless in the latter hours of his night sleep cycle, i often would wake up with him either one arm out of the swaddle or him fully awake grunting as the swaddle wasnt tight enough- he woke up from the frustration of wanting to get out of it! then i tried the swaddleme and it's been a huge life saver!! Not only is it two times cheaper than the Halo, the velcro mechanism is tighter and more secure. Rarely have i seen him break out of it (i'm only worried as he wakes up to scratch his face from his eczema tsk tsk). I LOVE the SwaddleMe!! I use it for naps and night sleep, and almost dread the day when I have to start weaning him out of it as he is sleeping so good! I don't know what happened with the Halo, but the newborn Halo swaddler was awesome..but that may be because it was too small for him and it wrapped him up tight. This cotton Halo swaddler is supposed to be his size but it just doesnt wrap him as effectively. Oh well, ive abandoned the Halo and will probably use it more for the sleep sac purposes rather than the swaddle purpose. the SwaddleMe it is!


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