Friday, May 11, 2012

I'll take what I can get

So it's been about 8+ days since i started using the sleepeasy method with Max. I can't say i've been to rigid on this method as the requirements for it are that he's at least 14lbs and that he's 4months old. He definitely wasn't 4 months old, and i'm not sure how much he weighs as our next weigh in is on May 22nd when he gets his 2nd round of vaccines. I also admit that i didn't buy the book as well, i was in the not-another-book phase. i simply am in this January mom online baby group and asked one of the moms with a baby that sleeps like a champ to just give me the steps so i can get this going ASAP. Thank goodness she didn't come bak to me with a, "buy it at chapters" response!

As harsh as it may sound, I was getting pretty fed up with his night time sleeping. It was ok when when he was waking up every 4 hours or so. His schedule was going down at 11pm and waking up around 9am, but about 3 weeks ago, he started to wake up almost every exhausting hour (or two)! I don't know what changed really, I gave in to the possibility of a growth spurt so I put up with it for about a week and a half and then it eventually turned into every hour, and then every 45 minutes! It was like his night sleep cycles turned to mimic his crappy nap cycles...I couldn't take it! I remember the last night when i had E-N-O-U-G-H, he woke up around midnight, cried...pacifier..slept...45mins later (or sooner if the paci fell out)...same thing...then the same thing..and again, and again...ALL NIGHT. I've read about the parents who use the pacifier as a sleeping device and having to wake up everytime it fell out of the babies mouth, hell no was I going to do that! Furthermore, as one who was doing all the night time parenting...i was EXHAUSTED. And as someone who wakes up with the baby and exclusively breastfeeds, I feel (or am I actually?) doing all the day time parenting as well. With his 45minute naps, and 2 hour wake time loops...can i say this again...EXHAUSTED! To exacerbate the situation, i was once the type that needed to put my head down on the pillow and i would be out...during this time, it was also taking me at least an hour to get back to sleep, and by the time i was in la-la land, it was time to wake up again. Perhaps i was experiencing the overstimulated-overtired-can't sleep issues babies have.

I don't know if i'm allowed to actually reprint the method as this is an online forum, but i'd be happy to share it in a private direct message. I did record my week of this, and it significantly has improved...though i'm still tired! haha oh well, can't have it all. For those that don't know, the sleepeasy method is a form of cry it out...but because i'm not too familiar with the Ferber method (didn't read up on it in depth), i was ok with what I learned about this method. Using this method, there were no props like toys, sleep machines, or pacifiers. Strict swaddle, and put down while he's AWAKE. The purpose is for him to learn how to soothe himself (back) to sleep.

Night 1- May 3:
Woke up 0845
Bed winddown at 9pm, lights out 930pm.
Woke up and cried 1020-1050, 355-455, 600-650
Fed at 1am (after crying, bad mistake on my part)
Official wake up time: 8am

Night 2- May 4
woke up 8am
lights out 9pm
awake and crying 930-1010pm, 1050-11pm, 220-230am, 645-655am
dream feed 1120pm and 445am
official wake up time 0755am

Night 3- may 5
woke up 755am
lights out 848pm
awake and cried 1138-1148pm, 0600-0650am
dream feed 0300
official wake up time 0745

night 4- may 6
woke up 0745am
lights out 850pm (no crying just out like a light)
woke up crying 218-248am
dream feed 0400
official wake up time 0700

night 5 - may 7
woke up 0700am
lights out 855pm (out like a light)
slept 855-0655 uninterrupted!!!!!
Dream feed 0100 and 0425am
awake 0655

night 6- may 8
woke up 0655
lights out 845pm
awake and crying 1230-1248am
woke up at 0600 (and instead of letting him cry, i put him to bed with me and we slept till 0730)
dream feed 0130 and 0450
official wake up 0730

night 7 - may 9
awake 0730
lights out 9pm
woke up and cried 1240-0108am
dream feed 0245 and 0500
woke up 8am (forced awake to have some sort of wake time body clock consistency)

night 8 - may 10
awake 8am
lights out 850pm
awake and crying 0358-0438
dream feed 0100, 0520
official wake up time 0730

So this is where I am today. Im not sure what happened on that night when he slept throughout the night. From what im reading, sleeping throughout the night means 5 hours anyways...but of course, i wish it were LONGER! I also don't have a method as to when to dream feed, I still think he's young, so i don't want him to go without for too long of a 2 feeds at night i'm ok with. Eventually I will start weaning that off, but i'm in no major rush.

I have to say that the crying is AGONIZING and downright painful and heartbreaking. I sleep in the same room as him and it's hard, Hard, HARD. But he's learning. I put him down AWAKE for naps, and though he fusses a little (like max 5 minutes), he goes to sleep on his own. I don't let him cry it out though for naps, if he wants to sleep for 45 minutes, then let it be. He gets tonnes of hugs and kisses and mommy time while awake...can you tell i feel guilty?

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