Saturday, May 5, 2012

Agony = sleep training

After not sleeping well for the last month and a half (by not sleeping well, I mean waking up q2-3hrs a night for various reasons and me taking an hour to get back to sleep after almost every waking), I've decided to start sleep training Max. I think he's ready. He definitely has gone 7 hrs without waking approx 5 days before his first set of shots, and looking at the weight he's been gaining, I think he has plenty of reserves.

As I'm writing this, I'm on night 3 of the Sleepeasy method. Yes, a form of crying out (don't judge), but we'll see what happens. It is definitely hard as i sleep in the same room as him, so im listening to him cry under the covers. AGONY! Believe me, during the day he gets LOTS of hugs and kisses. Plus, he still gives me the biggest smiles once he sees me in the morning.

I feel guilty, but I also don' he needs to learn, and plus, besides the odd freak in the work place, can you really tell what sleep training method was used amongst your own coworkers when they were infants?
Nope. I doubt baby will think I'm no longer there for him.

I've been logging each day to see our progress, I will definitely share it after week 1!

Below is Max, taken today, his skin much much improved. I've been using the calendula cream on his breakouts and continuing the far it is under control!


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