Sunday, May 6, 2012

45 minute intruder

Anyone else's baby nap for just 45minutes to the button? Seriously, I've been talking with other moms of the same age group as Max and they just love boasting about how great their baby naps. Then I look at Max's sleeping habits and well he certainly doesn't fall in that category!

I like this website that explains this intruder in a bit more depth

I really like the tip on placing a firm hand on their chest in the 40-45minute mark. Of course the first day (as in all three naps), it worked and he slept for 2hrs each nap session. But after, it hasn't worked! Today I was there for 5 minutes and just like textbook, he startled at the 45min mark. I was there and he went back to sleep for another 15minutes. Not bad! But my back was kind of hurting from being hunched over.

as today marks night 4 of sleep training, I'm going to set nap training aside as the kid needs a breather. he definitely cannot go more than 2hrs awake or WATCHOUT! I like watching and bonding with him anyways, trying to figure out his sleep cues, and so far the only ones that register with me are yawning and the near-2hr-mark clock schedule. with either one I get him swaddled and right to bed awake! He fusses/cries a little and then he's out for another 45min cycle.

He wakes up and I let him fuss for a few minutes and see if he'll go back to sleep (never) and then I go in and we start another nap loop! He wakes up pretty happy and content, so he may just be the type that doesn't need that long of a sleep to file in that brain of his what he just learned.

Night sleep is another story...


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