Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My little love is 3 months old tomorrow!

My beautiful baby boy will be 3 months tomorrow, i almost can't believe it!

april 16th - the height of the eczema? or allergy? breakout. erythematous skin

Despite how his skin is right now, he remains to be a happy bouncing baby. I love this little one to bits and there is no doubt in my mind that him and i have truly bonded like no other.  Im not sure how much he weighs or how much longer he's become, but he has definitely changed right before my eyes without me really REALLY noticing it. thank God that my dad loves taking videos with his digi cam! i love watching Max's first month on the screen and comparing with not only how much he's grown, but the changes in his demeanor...especially his cries!  LOVE WATCHING them! Unfortunately, my dad hasnt been a fan of taking videos/pics right now because he "doesnt want Max to see his face like this" in the future. I understand, but I also don't! I must take my own vids to savor these moments

Let's do a head to toe assessment shall we?

Head: max still has cradle cap, or at least dry flaky skin on his scalp without the yellow crustiness most of the time. we are using the baking soda paste mixture to clear that up once or twice a week and it works but it comes back. his hair has grown and it looks like a nice acorn-ish colored brown. he has a minor flat spot at the back of his head, as well as a bald spot hahaa. i think that's normal? well im not really that concerned at this moment

Cries: I hear a lot of "neh" cries, grunt/constipated/frustrated type of cries, and i can definitely distinguish his cry if he was in pain or hurt. i havent mastered it yet, but when he's crying for no obvious reason, i conclude that it's the "nap time" cry. whoever said that distinguishing a baby's cry was easy must have a special it ISNT!

Skin: blast you eczema! however, on the night of april 16th i washed his face and immediately applied the aveeno cream. and it got better by 60% in my opinion the next day! like the inflammation of his forehead is nearly gone but the patches on the side of his face are still there but not as raised or angry. we have the GP appt tomorrow so hopefully i can get some more insight. my calendula cream hasnt arrived eagerly waiting to apply this on those stubborn patches! right now, it looks like Max was in a UFC fight and he got hit on the sides of the face. awwwww. he's also got this rash around his mouth, i dont know if this is correlated with increased saliva and the use of the bothers me but it isnt spreading or looking angry like the other patches on his face.

april 18 (see the marked improvement? flash shows everything!)

Eyes: still grey/blue. long lashes. adorable and heartmelting

Mouth: he's doing a lot of tongue rolling and drooling of saliva. he's also learned to pout, and it is so so adorable

Body: i love his chunky but not fat build. he's definitely firm! i LOVE holding him when he's naked and about to get into the bath. he is just so small and pillowy soft and totally kissable

communication: he wakes up, takes a one second look at me and smiles. I LOVE IT. we also have conversations with each other every now and then...most of his coos are extended vowel it! love it love it! he's also got giggles starting...i wouldnt say they're full on giggles...but a couple of beats every now and then. can it say it again? LOVE IT!

Muscle strength: he hasnt really rolled over to his back consistently yet, but he has. it's coming. i can definitely see a marked length of time and increased degree of back arch when he has tummy time. his face does still smash on the ground though...awwww. but he can sit up and it appears he's holding his head. a work in progress though as i cant see his neck the entire time..still tilting forward.

arms: i love his forearms, they're massive. i wonder if he'll have popeye-like forearms when he's older like Gene? they're again, so kissable. i love it when he holds his superman position with one arm straight out and the other know what i mean. i love it!

hands: i also love his hands. i think they're my favorite part of his body. he loves sticking his hands in his mouth and just sucking on them. i know it's part of discovery, and i feel kind of bad for putting socks on them so he won't scratch his face off. i dont think a few days or a few weeks will affect his learning right? nah...he gets breaks from the socks anyways. I also love it when he's sleeping and he has his hands stretched out in a "talk to the hand" type of motion. he used to do it a lot when he was startled in his sleep, but now it's fading or rather not occuring as often. it's hard to capture it at the time as im scrambling for a camera.

april 4th

Legs: he still does a lot of the frog leg stances, especially when on the changing table. im sure his legs will stretch out eventually. he loves pretend im getting plenty of bicep workouts.

night Sleep: his bedtime is around 10-1030pm. he wakes up at 4am like clockwork to feed, then goes back to sleep until 7am. sometimes i get lucky and he goes back to sleep until 830, instantly. and sometimes i have to take him in the bed with me and just let him make the noise and hopefully find inspiration to go BACK to sleep.  He was waking up 2-3 times a night from march 21st to about april 2nd, so im OK with this 4am feedtime and waking up again when it's light out. for both nap and night sleep, ive let him fall asleep on his own...mind you sometimes he has the pacifier in his mouth, but he can fall asleep on his own 8/10 times. thank goodness!!

nap sleep: i finally figured out that babies need a lot of naps. Max gets fussy after being awake and stimulated for 2 hours so we're on a continuous loop from 0830-1030 of wake up sometimes it's eat-play-snack-nap. whatever, im going with the flow. so for those that are wondering, he get's about 4 naps a day with the last wake up time at 830 pm so his night sleep isnt screwed over...i wish they were longer but they're often 45 minutes long when not in car seat, or 1-4 hours long when in carseat. i dread the day when he no longer fits in the car seat as it's my crutch for those times like tonight when i have time and free hands to do some blogging!

how to sleep: max NEEDS to be swaddled to go to sleep. ive picked up the summer infant swaddleme for his naps during the day and continue to use the Halo swaddle/sleepsack for the night.  why the difference? honestly, it was just the price. the swaddlme was on sale whereas the Halo swaddler is expensive. Im also finding it annoying to unzip him everytime he wakes up (Halo) and with the swaddleme, it's just an open the wings and the leg flap. easy breezy!

GI/GU:  voiding well...lots of golden showers! haha. Poops every other day as always. it's been a week since i started the we'll see.

As for me, I remain the same in my opinion. Still pigging out but trying not to. it's not like im eating like im pregnant, but i just want those superstore "muffins" every time i go there. i dont know why...and im there 2-3x a week. tsk tsk! i finally have some funds to buy something for myself, and did so without feeling guilty. it's easier now that all the first-time-mom stuff has been bought and used so there's really nothing huge i need to buy or can't buy off of craigslist.

What do you all think of the exersaucer? it's not a great space saver that's for sure. i wonder if it can keep Max occupied? I need some hands free time, and he's not loving the ergo as much right now- nor am i as i want his skin to breathe for now. hmmmm...we'll see.


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