Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's not over

Ok, so just when I think things are under control, I look at max's forehead under a diff light and I get THIS! Ugh!

Yesterday his skin was amazing...now, WTF?! The mystery continues...

- detergent? He loves rubbing his face on my shoulder but is that the cause or was he itchy hence why rubbing his face?
- I ate yogurt again after a few days of not, but I've been using milk with my cereal
- I had 2 Reese's cups in 3 days
- the shirt I was wearing wasn't newly washed

Any detergent recommendations?


  1. I use Method detergent. No reactions from Baby Loquacious (or myself - I have eczema).

    Poor baby! :( I hope you can find something to kill his itch!!

  2. I use Natures Clean or Method with no problems with Brooke. You might want to try something as natural as possible with no scent. Poor Max....

  3. Where is the best priced place to buy method?

  4. Mitzi, I just attended a talk by book author Gillian Deacon about green cleaning products and our health. Seventh Generation is a really good product, especially for people with skin conditions.

    I've been using Method but was curious if they were truly a green product or more a green wash AKA fake. As there is A LOT of marketing out their of products that claim to be good for us or special to babies and they are not. Method looks pretty legit from the research that I've done.

    It really matters what products we use and there are many questionable products out there as there is no government regulation as of right now. So, you can claim to be baby soft and friendly and charge more, but really it is the same product as the 'adult' version.

    If you want to buy Method you can buy them on line too at www.well.ca and get free shipping to your door.

  5. Thanks friends! I was not able to find Method at superstore but thanks to Andrea I had an alternative- Seventh Gneration!


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