Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Full plate

Ok so our crazy DIY renos finished yesterday! With the exception of insults thrown back and forth, Gene and I survived yet another project. If you really want a true test of your relationship, honestly, do a renovation! We have done plenty before but now with time not on our side and 1/2 a helper (me) cuz of baby...boy oh boy! I don't know how couples can say they "love it"- they're either just always on the same mind path (that's just swell), or one is always the boss or yes man, or they actually are just choosing what needs to be done vs. having to actually do the work and be stuck together for long periods of time in cramped messy quarters! Ok, enough rambling hehe

Poor little Max is experiencing a large outbreak of eczema. I think I saw patches here and there about a week and a half ago but I think I woke up and was like "WTF is that rash on his face?" It is reddened, some parts pimply looking some are more clustered, down both sides of his cheeks like sideburns, around eyebrows and some on eyelids, all over forehead and temple area extending to scalp. I'm not sure if he is itchy but it looks itchy. He isn't scratching per say but rubbing his eyes and usual face rubs like before. Hmmmm....not sure what caused it as with most eczema cases:

Did I use too much heat and dried out his skin?
Was it because of his immature immune system?
Were we wearing something that caused this?
Did he rub his face on our clothing that had crud on it from renos?

Did I eat something wrong? Am I eating something wrong?

So many questions not enough answers! Currently prescribed some steroid cream but I didn't fill the rx. Seeing how aveeno eczema will affect this...


  1. I think these things bother us mamas more than the babies! I don't know the answer, but have you looked at what laundry products you are using?

  2. We r using tide free/clear..something like that. I find the eczema very disfiguring and I have no patience for it! Seems to be getting better at a snail's pace. He is still on aveeno and probiotics grrrrrrrrr


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