Monday, April 16, 2012

blast you eczema!! argh!!

So if you can't really tell from the title of this post, im quite pissed off-frustrated-disheartened as to what is going on with Max's face. I HATE IT!

april 7

Here's little Maxeroo with a mild forehead and temple rash, nothing major...i think i took this picture just to get an upside down shot, not because i was overly concerned with it. At this time we were doing renovations already ...i wonder if that aggravated something?
Well we started renos on March 31st, and according to my agenda, i started noticing a skin issue on April 4th. hmmmm...

Anyhow, i started Aveeno eczema cream to his face on April 9th after being told by countless number of people and even on forums how awesome it was for eczema. His forehead, by this time, was angry and in nursing terms, i would describe as "red, angry, raised." so what the heck, i used it. At this time (april 16th), it's only done so-so. maybe improved it by max 5%.  I was previously using just regular aveeno but i was told eczema needed an emollient based moisturizer- and that meant "water" wasn't the first ingredient.

Of course i went to the doctor, twice in fact...two walk in clinics cuz I was being impatient and needed solutions. The first walk in, i was given the term "seborrheic" which makes sense after most of the pictures I saw. but that doctor gave me a steroid cream rx, which i didn't and haven't filled.  I went to another walk in around  last weds just for a second opinion. he said he didn't think a steroid cream was necessary just yet, just watch it, and he gave me a sample of Spectro Eczema cream which again, i haven't used, mainly because there's no indication of whats in the medication on the box, the tube, or the instruction/advertisement manual. super weird!

Between the two doctors, i searched countless hours on forums and talked with people and some sage advice that I did listen to was start Max on some probiotics. I asked the 2nd walk in clinic doctor about it, he didn't think it was necessary (evidence based) but i didn't really listen to him, and bought it anyways...honestly, the only thing that would've kept me from buying it was if he had said, "no, it can harm him." but alas, after that appt, we went to whole foods and bought a bottle.

I chose Udo's due to the fact that it was a strong consensus that it was awesome. Right now it indicates "Toddler" on the  bottle just because it was approved by Canada-something and with that, they had to take away the made-for-infant type of vocabulary probably for liability reasons. Whatever! It's the same everything as it was previously minus the new label. I started Max on it on April 12th. The dosage was for 1/4tsp 1-3x daily, but i just have him on 1/8tsp once a day just to watch what's going on. He hates it, he gags, but maybe it's because im using a spoon to give it to him vs. a dropper.  A silver spoon just seems more sanitary...what do you think?! I dissolve it in some breastmilk and spoon feed it every morning, but cautious as to not connect it with breastfeeding. Just a standalone morning med.  My rationale for using this was it may improve his immune system, it'll introduce good bacteria into his gut and possibly prevent food allergies/reactions/sensitivities...i dont know. something natural!

Because i wasn't sure how much probiotics were in breastmilk, or at least how much was passed on...i also have started to increase my intake of probiotics via yogourt consumption. Im happy to find a yogourt that actually taste good! Love the balkan style yogourt!!

i got french vanilla ...i think it was 5% milk fat. awesome!

Though this is yummy, im not going to buy a whole case of it because maybe Max has a senstivity to dairy? and this obviously is a dairy product.  The only foods i know i've eaten "a lot" this last couple of weeks are shellfish via mussels and clams, some fish via salmon sandwiches and rainbow trout feasts, and well ...that's really it. UGH!!! The frustration! Im cutting myself off of fish and shellfish as of today and see what happens in a couple of weeks.

first thing in the morning dryness

yep, i would consider this patch as having gotten bigger in the last 2 days

It definitely bothers ME more than it does Max. Damn you eczema for "disfiguring" my little boy! ARGH! currently, it's located down the sides of face, forehead, eyelids with right worse than left, and that's IT (thank God). I wouldn't say he scratches like mad, he definitely rubs his eyes, and if it bothered him more, i think he would have a bleeding scratched up face right now which he doesnt. just extra dry patches.

Right now, im waiting for the California Baby Calendula Cream, which i've also heard does wonders.  Of course, just to make things harder, i had to get my mother in law to bring it/send it up as it's not available in canada. WTF?  I've also got an appt with Max's real GP this thurs. More posts to come.

can i just say one more time how frustrating this is? ARGH! Im really thankful though that it is just on Max's face. and although it's possibly one of the worst possible spots, it's not EVERYWHERE and I pray it won't get that far. Im also thankful that Max still wakes up every morning, takes a quick look at me and has the biggest smile imaginable...makes me even more determined to find something to help him. I guess one would call this the essence of motherhood- when you will do anything and spend copious amounts of money on products that you may use for no longer than 1 week,  just to help your baby!


  1. Poor kid! I have used the SpectroGel Eczema cream (even when pregnant) and though it doesn't cure the eczema it does dull/kill the itch. I would use it on baby. What about the Sweetcheeks balm by Dimpleskins? I really like their BumBum salve for diaper rash and they're locally available and natural.

  2. I used the dimpleskins cradle cap balm, hated the way it made max's head smell! Haha

  3. Okay I may be a total nurse but if it really bothers Max why don't you request a pediatric derm consult? Also, no idea here, but does infant eczema indicate future allergen testing? Something Id ask. Saw our paediatrician today and he noted J has 'dry patches' but no eczema. We do have a weepy eye AKA plugged tear duct. If it doesn't clear by 1 year=surgical problem.

    1. Hehe very nurse of you as that was on my agenda...there seems to be one in Vancouver from what I saw.

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