Monday, April 23, 2012

98% better

Anyone else having issues with blogger? I can sign in but it doesn't show a dashboard...a blank page instead, how annoying. I'm typing this on the iPad blogger app...yay for technology!

It has been 1 week since I took maxs face pic...and as you see from below, his face is SO MUCH BETTER! The tide turned on April 16th when I was fed up and subsequently that day, I just washed his face with plain water and after a few seconds of towel patting to dry, I just slapped on the aveeno eczema to trap the moisture in.

I saw an immediate change the next day...something that caused major hope and weight lifted off my shoulders! By the 19th, all that was left was a welt like line from ear to his eyes area which was stubborn and would flare up when he got upset. The GP told me to apply zinc (penaten) on it and see what would happen. She made the referral to the ped dermatologist as I told her it would be easier to cancel than wait for another appointment.

I put on zinc on a small patch as I don't really know what's in those creams as I only had a sample container. The next day the small patch was better in color but still raised slightly. I was happy with it but was still waiting for my calendula cream.

Last night I finally received it and slathered it on his face after being swaddled so he wouldn't rub it off. I also said to myself my fav phrase for patients who won't sleep, "sleep is a part of healing." it's true! Well anyhow the pics are of his face today...what a frickin miracle!

I still don't know what caused it as it can't be dietary. I haven't changed anything about what I ate and still use the same laundry soap. My conclusion right now is that when I blasted the heat in the bedroom, it dried out a protective barrier on his face and with that compromised his skin barrier letting in whatever that proliferated on his face. By washing his face and applying the emollient, I created a moist environment that allowed healing and renourishing of his largest organ. What do you think of that? LOL

So for now I wouldn't say he's completely cured. I'm not even sure if this is a regimen I'm going to maintain for as long as possible. But for now, I'm keeping with the probiotics, calendula at night before bed and aveeno during the day for that extra kick.


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