Friday, March 23, 2012


Yay Max survived his first round of shots on March 21st! All captured on film but my computer can't handle uploading the file (stupid computer).  Basically he took the rotavirus oral solution well, he had a 2 second delayed reaction to crying after the first IM shot, and then I nursed him and he was all better. Gave him tylenol when we got home, and he was fine until 10pm when he got fussy- probably because the tylenol wore off. Gave him lots of tight hugs and cradling, another dose of tylenol, and he slept through the night! no issues on day 2. WHAT A GOOD BOY!! xooxox 

he's now 12lbs 9oz, 58 cm long, and his head size is 40.5cm (on march 1st he was 11lbs 11oz, 57cm long, and head measured 40cm). He's currently in the 55th percentile, although i think he looks fatter than the other 2month olds i saw at the clinic! hahaa

On a side note, we went to visit baby Ava, she's so small and precious! I wonder if it's too early to start match making these two!? They're only two weeks apart, both mixed breeds, and live close enough to each other. Her dad says Max is the only one who can date her when she grows up LOL! I wonder what type of kids they would have as mixed kids...either full asian...full eyed blonde hair kids with almond eyes and asian noses? They both hold the blue eyed recessive gene. WOW!

raising the roof

dancing, filipino style

they went arm in arm all by themselves! it was soooo adorable


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