Monday, March 19, 2012

My must haves at 2 months

Some stuff that i've used that helped me SURVIVE this last month. Definite must-haves!

1) HALO sleepsack swaddle

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing. I had a newborn one, which Max has since outgrown, so i bought the 12-18lbs version. can i say this again, i LOOOVVEEE this thing. it has totally changed our lives. Max's thrashing is no longer an issue! my household can finally sleep! whenever it's bed time, he gets swaddled in this, whenever it's nap time he sometimes gets swaddled in this. the boy sleeps!! i love the fact that i dont have to fuss around with too many blankets or worry that the swaddling blanket will fall on his face and suffocate him. i just wrap him up! although sometimes he doesnt like it and he can fight through it- ie. today, i woke up and his arm was out while the other was in haha!
oh well, 9.5/10 times this is a success! how long can i swaddle for? i want to swaddle for a long time!
2) JJ COLE Muslin Blankets

i use these muslin blankets to swaddle Max for his day time naps. they're huge and they're stretchy. i can vary the tightness of the swaddling while providng him with coverage to keep warm and cozy. so so well, those HALO sacks are kind of expensive and he pukes on them too, so I need alternatives as i dont want to do laundry twice a day every day!


though i would love to stare into my baby's eyes all the time while breastfeeding, i sometimes feel like im going crosseyed, especially when he takes a while to fill up the tank. and honestly, my small screened blackberry just doesnt cut it all time. so this handy gadget has kept me occupied while he's feeding, napping, and when i can't get to the computer to multitask (my laptop has a battery life of 1 minute, so it's attached to the modem). Love it!

4) OXO Tooli nightlight
wrote about it already, still use it and love it! charge life 7-9 hours!

5) NUK Pacifiers

initally, i was really against pacifiers and i figured i should be able to soothe my baby without the need for silicone in his mouth. little did i know, this was a naive thought as pacifiers are NECESSARY- or at least for my baby. i dont shove it in his mouth with every peep, but i definitely use it to take the edge off of his meltdowns. he most often snaps out of it.  i also use it to initiate the "it's time to sleep" message, and definitely use it when i dont have milk handy and the boy just needs to suck- like when im at the mall or in a car! Thanks MOM AND DAD for buying these, and SORRY for getting mad at you for doing so! hahaha


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