Monday, March 19, 2012

my baby is 2 months old! omg!

Wow time is flying! Max is yet another month older...whaaaaatttt?!?!
What's Max like now?
  • Max's new sleep schedule is from 11pm to about 7:30am (uninterrupted with feeds) with plenty of day and evening naps!
  • in the last 2 days he's had a period of PURPLE crying from about 7pm-10pm (horrible time)
  • he definitely recognizes my voice and smiles! im not sure though if he can really focus on me yet as i was beside him talking and he was doing his giggling, but looking up instead of looking at me. he at least has a sense of direction
  • ive been picking at the cradle cap on his head...really hard not to pick at the yellow crustiness. he's got a really dry scalp and some parts of his face. the air must be dry in the room as the rest of his body is ok- but also the parts that are covered up at night with clothing
  • eyes are still grey-blue
  • lots and lots of toothless smiles
  • he tries to talk (and makes sounds like talking) whenever he's interacting with certain people! sometimes i think he says "hi" and "hello" or at least sounds like it
  • he STILL freaks out whenever Gene is holding him (like the cry is so shrill and distressing)- i hope he grows out of this as i feel sorry for Gene whenever he's "rejected" by Max. im pumping a bottle every now and then so Max can connect him with milk rewards too
  • he must sleep swaddled or his arms still flail around waking him up
  • feeding q2-7 hours
  • neck strength is getting stronger! he can hold himself up longer but his tolerance for tummy time is only for a few minutes
  • not as many hiccups, but still spitting up
  • remains to be an aggressive latcher
  • love his double chin and thigh creases...soooo chubby!
  • love his hands when they're open
  • navel still has a hernia that sticks out whenever he's crying
  • legs are still in the frog position but slowly straightening out
  • his finger nails are like talons and he still scratches himself- anyone have tricks on how to cut baby's fingernails?
  • he knows how to pout and pouts every now and then ...awwwwww
as for me...
  • i got my PERIOD a few days ago (when i was about 7 weeks)...seriously, how unfair is that!? according to everything i've read if one is exclusively breastfeeding, periods aren't supposed to come until at least 6 months...oh well, we're all different. 5 day period, got it over with i guess. no cramps, nothing...just regular bleeding
  • im still SO HUNGRY. like seriously, i can't get below this baseline weight of mine. i want sweets more than salty now...especially those giant chocolate muffins at superstore!
  • whenever i feed, the other boob is leaking
  • i hate these stretch marks on my belly!
  • my linea nigra is still there
  • i wake up with a wet tshirt from my engorged boobs leaking from overfill
  • ive started to pump every now and then to build up frozen supply so i can have more breaks in the future (as in, parents babysitting hehe)
  • Max has been feeding sitting up every now and then, definitely less choking episodes


What is on your mind?


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