Friday, March 2, 2012

Max is 6 weeks old!

Yesterday was our very last midwife appointment and they've officially released me from their care (boo!).  it was an awesome client-caregiver relationship, and no doubt I will be going back with next baby- yes, even make the inconvenient trips to Davie street just to utilize Bloom again! I got copies of my antenatal record, a record to give to our GP, a feedback form, and a list of resources/numbers of the community health centers in Vancouver. i wish i got a copy of my labour and delivery records as i'd totally love to see what happened from their perspective.

Max is growing! whats up at 6 weeks?:

- birth weight 7lb 140z. Length/height 50cm. Head circumference 34cm
- NOW, his weight is 11lbs 11oz (5298g). Length/height 57cm. Head circumference 40cm-  it would be so painful to give birth to him at this size! ouch!
- he's able to follow objects from left to right (180 degrees)
- if you stand him up, he attempts to make at least 2 steps
- he tries to crawl and can lift his head up to about 45 degrees and hold it there for 30 seconds or so
- he can hold his rattle and shake it...amongst other things he can now grasp with a firm hold
- he makes sounds like he wants to communicate something to us. not sure if this is what you call "coo" but "coo" is not the sound he makes. lots of "ahhs"
- during tummy time he can roll over to one side
- im pretty sure he recognizes me as when we're looking at each other he appears to purposely smile whether it's just because or we're doing something that he likes
- his cries are more shrill ...loud loud loud and high pitched
- his hands have completely opened up and his legs look like they're straightening out
- he still falls asleep the best when on the ergo sling
- he's getting a little fussy with the carseat now, but still falls asleep for long periods once he does fall asleep
- he's more fussy on the stroller (very sad about this) and he can vary from soothing himself to sleep, needing a rattle to snap him out of his phase, and or needing a soother just to quiet down
- some of his cries are inconsolable and always the most shrill too
- eats a lot, cries if not enough, then once he's done, he pukes it up
- our eyebrow cradle cap battle was won a few days after i beefed about it on here as i applied vaseline and picked at the roughness. NOW, he's got cradle cap at a localized spot on his forming hair line near the forehead
- he likes the swing sometimes and still refuses the bouncer
- eyes are still a steel grey/blue
- he's got one of those skin types/color that will turn beet red once he has some alcohol
- his eyebrows furrow less, but more when people shove the pacifier in his mouth and his clenches his fists
- he's sleeping soundly swaddled but has decided that 6am is his new wakeup time, ugh!
- his baby acne in the pimply stage has cleared up but we're now left with rough chubby cheeks...oh well, soon they too shall pass

as for me...
- im still in the lochia rubra stage despite being 6 weeks postpartum. though not exactly heavy, i would say it's light-moderate and im not sure what exacerbates it as it's just always there.  went for an ultrasound and results were good ...follicular cysts in my ovaries which apparently everyone has (really?), my uterus- which appropriately has retracted to my pelvis, has done a back flip aka "retroverted." no signs of fibroids and i have a thin endometrium. so, the doctor said that if i was still bleeding by the 8th week i should make another appointment which probably may be time for a gyne consult.  UGH!
- Max has been battling the breast lately too. i would describe it as latching on, pulling off, scratching my chest, latching on pulling off then latching for good. at times he's even choking during the feed and it just makes your heart stop! coincidentally, the public health nurses phoned me today for a follow up and they advised me to feed him in a semi-football hold like position. so he's essentially upright and drinking like all of us normal people- lo and behold, after 3 feeds he hasn't had a choking incident! i also love the fact that this has given my nipples some options so one portion of the nipple won't  always be involved reducing risk of damage
- sleep deprived but my body is getting used to it. im definitely not napping during the day which i should - perhaps it's time to pump a bottle once a day so i get a break
- what really annoys me right now is that i feel like Gene isn't helping out with the night time rituals. why am i the only one getting up? why can't we work as a team and i feed and he soothes? Mind you he sleeps in the other bedroom because he's a light sleeper, but i would like to be asked if i needed help- especially when Max's hard to ignore crying lasts a long time, even if intermittent. Not sure what would cause greater resentment- my current situation or him in the bedroom with us, sleeping tightly, and still not offering help.  is pumping the solution? not really as i dont mind the feeding, but the time it takes afterwards to soothe back to sleep is what's draining and painful.  i remember asking him for help once when it took what was looking like AN HOUR to soothe him and Gene replied, "what can I do?" WTF kind of response was that? i think that's when resentment kicked in, which is leading to me just doing it as i know how...which leads to other people not learning how...which leads to resentment and me doing all the work. ARGH! 

Anyone have advice?


  1. Mitzi, the one thing I learned from baby #1 is that tired husbands are the worst!! Woman can handle sleep deprivation and tiredness way better and there is a research study to back me up on that one!!

    I do all of the night time parenting with Josie. It gets easier to get husbands involved when night wakings aren't exclusive to breastfeeding. At least, this is what I found for our family.

    Not sure how you feel about safe bed sharing but it can be a blessing. I say 'safe' because there are definitely ways to be safe about it. Anyways, I am bed sharing with Josie right now and she sleeps dreamily. I learned this the hard way with fussy Ben and didn't do it for months until I couldn't stand the sleep deprivation any longer.

    Josie starts the night in her bassinet next to my bed but on her first wake up I nurse her in my bed on my side. Then Josie sleeps on one side of the bed (husbands side!) on her back with none of my blankets or pillows around her. I nurse her on my side, roll back to my spot and we all sleep soundly.

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