Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Eye Color Probability

Not that eye color is a huge deal to me, but wouldn't Max having light colored, almond shaped eyes be totally awesome?  Being full filipino (or at least my parents are both filipino with dark brown eyes, but heck who knows what spaniard blood is flowing through me), Gene being a mutt-caucasian (with blue eyes), and brown eyes being totally dominant- scientifically the probability of Max having brown eyes is very likely! however, i swear i saw an south-east asian woman with her toddler strapped on a grocery cart and he had light hair and blue eyes!- or maybe it was her grandson? nah, she looked too young! babysitter maybe? haha

ive been googling when eye colors change and there's essentially a large range from when they can start changing color (now) to when they start finalizing themselves. i think a safe age to say that this WILL be your eye color is around 2 years old- unless you're totally caucasian and can say "my eyes turn this color when i wear this shirt" etc etc.

Max was born with the grey-blue eyes most babies are born with and are currently still a dark blue. i love looking at them when the sun hits his eyes as they're a really pretty shade like Gene's (might as well enjoy it while it lasts right?). Through a forum search, someone posted a link a probability calculator using grandparents from both sides, and parents, and then child.

my genotype: 100% brown (my mom and dad have brown eyes)
Gene's genotype: 100% blue (Gene's mom- blue, dad- brown)

Max's results:
0.7% likelihood of blue eyes
0.7% likelihood of green eyes
98.5% likelihood of brown eyes

(I changed the allelic frequence to 0.99B as i come from a population of predominantly brown eyes. if I left the settings at default, the likelihood of brown eyes is 72.7%)

Interested in your probability score? CLICK HERE for "what color eyes would your children have"


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