Monday, February 13, 2012

The Postpartum Body

Gene and I. My face is looking less full in this pic, perhaps a good photo angle!

This post is inspired (again) by Mama in the City's postpartum bod post. She is a great, concise blogger- check her out!

Prior to becoming pregnant, I had a pretty positive body image. I wasn't thin, I wasn't obese, but at a comfortable state of being borderline overweight (according to my BMI). Clothes fit well, I varied from a size 8-10, and essentially I was my own worst critic when it came to things that jiggled, seemed bigger than it should, or stretch marked like no other.  I am fortunate enough to have a husband who thought i looked great and didn't care to feed or worsen my insecurities.

pregnant and glowing at 36 weeks

During my pregnancy, i think my body image was also pretty positive. it REALLY helps to keep active and maintain some sort of normalcy in your life despite the discomfort and added weight.  I tipped the scale at 183.4lbs - i think i gained just under 30lbs in 9 months?! Not bad I would say. The only thing I can admit now as craving was COKE (mmmm. not even diet coke, but regular full fledged sugar packed coke). From previous posts, i did not hesitate to complain about my stretch marks- well, I continued to drink coke despite hahaha. talk about NOT helping the situation! other changes that occured on my body included a linea nigra that was more pronounced under my navel than above my navel- nothing major. 

currently, my ONLY postpartum picture

dont know why I don't have any recent pictures?! seriously, it's been nearly a month since I gave birth and this is the only pic I could find of myself. Weird. Anyhow, i'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight (155ish lbs) and my pre-pregnancy pants fit with the exception of some muffin top spillage. i attribute this quick come back to breastfeeding, being too busy to eat properly/enough/at all, and improved weather resulting in being able to go for long long walks around the neighborhood. im definitely not dieting, but ive never really been one to in general as food is just oh so good!

what type of post is this though without a few beefs? right now, i feel self conscious about the remnant stretch marks on my belly...wearing bikinis or even tankinis aren't in my near future. Woe is me! I also am bothered by the linea nigra that remains on my abdomen- when does that disappear?! seriously, it doesnt look as special when you're no longer pregnant! I am also bothered by the remnant flab of loose skin that remains on my abdomen. it's not even a matter of "pinch an inch" it's like "pinch several inches" argh! again, WOE IS ME!

Whatever, seriously, im not going to compare myself to celebrities (ahem, Jessica Alba) who bounce back thinner post baby and looking perfect! But there are times when I have that moment to think and look at myself and again, be my worst critic. i'm definitely not going to let this new body issue consume me- time, good support, good weather, and wholesome foods is what's necessary right now. I think i need a new outfit too...a reward for what this body has done and accomplished. i have absolutely no doubts about the concept of retail therapy and how it works wonders for the self esteem!


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