Thursday, February 16, 2012

Midwife appt 4 weeks!

1 month old Maxiboy at his "birthday" party

4 week reflection ...and if you're wondering, it's all normal:

- Max is 10 lbs 8oz (aka 10.5lbs now)
- he's got baby acne on this cheeks, double chin, and nose (i can live with this)
- he's got cradle cap on his eyebrows ...hate this  A LOT. im applying olive oil on it
- no cataracts
- he's got a umbilical hernia that makes his belly button stick out whenever he's upset
- heart and lungs are normal
- awesome thunder thighs!!
- midwife says he's too young to be sleep trained as he doesnt have enough melatonin in his brain
- midwife says i just need to go with the flow of his sleep patterns as he doesnt have a mature circadian rhythm yet (wait around 3 months)
- midwife says that i probably have an oversupply of milk hence the 1) more than satisfactory amount of weight gain 2) spitting up post feed 3) spilling of milk around his cheeks once he latches 4) occasional choking incident as he's suckling 5) frequent hiccuping and 6) flatulence.  she also said that instead of 1 breast per feed, i should let baby feed on 1 breast for 2-3 feeds, then switch to the other just to tell my body to decrease my milk production a bit.  I really really like this article on breastmilk oversupply. read it here ---> Oversupply: Too much breastmilk

and about me...
- 1 more midwife appt before we officially separate myself from them and find a GP for the baby
- my outer stitches should dissolve soon, or if i want, i have permission to pull them out myself (never!)
- i may need an ultrasound as im still mildly bleeding (so annoying)

things i L-O-V-E about him:
- Max's round head and bulldog cheeks
- love his double chin
- even though it's probably a reflex, i love his big toothless smiles
- i love his elvis smirks! especially when he looks off to the side and then smirks. what did he see? what is he thinking?
- love the thunder thighs and the chub creases on the thighs
- love when he holds and or caresses the breast while he's feeding
- love the softness of his bum during tummy time
- love his flawless, uncalloused, little feet
- when he's not happy, love his "im sad/uncomfortable so im about to cry" look (not the tomato version where he turns all red and wails)
- love bouncing him on my leg and he has this big eyed, im-not-sure-if-im-having-fun look
- love looking down at him while on the carrier

<3 <3 <3 <3

Otherwise, i have a perfectly normal, healthy baby and postpartum period!


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