Monday, February 13, 2012

It got better

Maxwell at just over 2 weeks old

Despite my days feeling somewhat mundane (by this i mean tending to a baby who's not exactly at level of playing with me just yet), time is definitely flying! This coming sunday (feb 19th), my little man will be a month old already- WOW! It seems like only yesterday when i was arguing with Gene about how to work the impark ticket machine near St. Paul's, while having labor contractions! (i still roll my eyes at the idiocy of the moment).

in reflection of the last 3 weeks, i remember getting really irritated when people said to me, "it'll get better." as living in the now, sleep deprived, with an irritated baby, i needed something comforting- like a solution to the problem i was having at that moment. little did i know, reading between the lines, "it'll get better" really meant - TOUGH IT OUT. he can't cry forever, cover the basics (food, comfort etc) and he will stop. that i still needed to get to know my own parenting style, learn other people's tips and tricks on soothing, and that i needed to realize that some days solution #1 will work, and the next day, it won't. it's really all about learning on the job! i almost feel sorry for babies these days as people like me are googling every question/problem- then feeling confused and overwhelmed at the mass amount of results- and baby is left to wait for mom/dad to make a decision! i also realized that i can't enforce a schedule ( schedule) on the baby, he dictates communicates essentially what he wants to do and i am to react to it.  days of selfishness are over, now the task is to raise and nurture this little man.

Max in deep sleep on the Ergo. brows furrowed, thinking about who knows what

What have i figured out about Max at this point?
-he wakes up at 8am. he might thrash, be noisy, and restless prior to that time, but when he starts crying, he's had enough of rest and time to wake everyone up
- he feeds every 2-3.5 hours over night
- he feeds about ever 1-3.5 hours during the day
- for overnight feeds, he falls sleepy-awake at the breast and i can put him down and he can soothe himself back to sleep
- he "knows" it's bedtime wind down time around 9:30pm
- he is a NOISY, restless, thrashing sleeper at night
- he doesn't cry overnight even if i have "ignored" his sounds, left him lying on his back to soothe himself to sleep and in the dark. but during the day, he will cry if lying on his back and people have left the room with noise and bright day lights in his face
- his nap time starts at 9:45am, and this is when he gets cranky. he MUST be on the ergo carrier for him to fall asleep (instantly) at this time of day- babywearing for at least 2 hours a day
- he loves going out to places- as in asleep once on the carseat and on a car ride
- he loves going out in the stroller- again, asleep instantly!
- his crying is sometimes inconsolable between 7-9pm- we have started the pacifier ...which he rejects on and off
- he has an aggressive latch
- he eats a lot and then spits up
- his hair is wavy when wet but straight when dry
- he's got a look on his face when he's trying to poop 'im pushing out poop' straining look
- he farts a lot but no colic like symptoms
- he doesnt startle easy and prefers noise over a quiet environment
- he cant easily be consoled by Gene. once Gene transfers him over to me, he quiets down (trying to break this habbit)
- tried the bottle once and he gulped 2oz within minutes
- he has random smiles (full) and elvis smirks ...however i think they're reflexes as opposed to reactions to stimuli

Sarah, it's your stroller! and he LOVES being in it!

that's all i can remember for now, but it really helps knowing these things (and subsequently getting to know him) that has made life easier. it did get better!

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