Monday, January 16, 2012

It's a GIRL!

New article today on female infanticide or fetacide,
aka abortion or death of baby because

Even the trailer of the documentary makes me sad and angry!

maybe i'm naive, but is this common in Canada?

an editorial piece on the CMAJ recommends that sex of baby should be concealed until 30 weeks into pregnancy- READ editorial HERE

Read another article about it from THE PROVINCE- Asian Abortion Trend

few ideas come to mind:
1) my rights to my info is being concealed by the medical community-  my body, my baby, my pregnancy!

2) anyone who wants to know can just easily cross the border and pay for the ultrasound or a private test to be done

3) after 30 weeks, who's to stop someone from having an abortion anyways?

4) who's to stop the killing of the female baby AFTER it's born? (see youtube vid- 8 daughters dead?!)

5) makes me so mad and disgusted

6) who do these people think are going to give birth to babies? men? WOMEN give become pregnant and give birth to babies 


What is on your mind?


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