Sunday, January 22, 2012

BABY Time!!

Maxwell has arrived!!
January 19 at 1331 hrs
7lbs 14oz

yay baby has finally arrived! Who wants to hear a birth story?! if so, read on...

Jan 17- stretch and sweep done
Jan 18- decided to go to metrotown for the daily "exercise" and bought some Miss Vickies Jalapeno chip as spicy foods, walking, and a stretch and sweep were my first interventions to induce the labor

Jan 19 at 0400: woke up to cramping that won't go away. Thought I had to have a bowel movement, so voided and tried to no avail.  looking down at my underwear i noticed some blood tinged mucousy discharge which i never had before. i assumed it was my mucous plug finally making its appearance and wiped and stood up.  However, when i put my underwear on. blood was starting to stain through my underwear and i was like "ugh WTF!" so i had to go find a kotex pad to put on. went to the kitchen to find something to drink, went back to bed.

0530:  woke up as cramping wouldn't let up and i was getting pissed as i wanted to sleep. went to the bathroom and looked at the pad, and mucousy blood built up (ew). called the midwife (on call at the time was Hedieh) who did an assessment over the phone (cramps, blood), and told me to go back to bed, take a tylenol or gravol.  didn't do either, and just went to sleep on the couch as i felt so restless. told Gene i called the midwife and that i was bleeding (he told me after that he thought nothing was urgent)

0530-1030:  rested on the couch but did not fall asleep as cramping was worse (no way did i think i was in labor though. just thought that i over did it with the jalepeno chips and irritated my uterus hahaa). did a lot of positioning to get myself comfortable, and the only position that eased the pain from 8-9/10 to approx 5-6/10 was on all fours and hunched/kneeling over the table or couch. called the midwife again as the cramping didn't get better, she said she'd be over soon as someone was in early labor. Woke up Gene and told him i notified the midwife again as i was not comfortable. i started to time these cramps around this time and it was about 8mins apart.

1130:  midwife called and said she'd be over in "20 minutes," by this time, i was having some major cramping (note, it was cramping in my opinion, i didn't think it was contractions). i couldn't get off the couch and if i did, i couldnt get off all fours- it was just that debilitating. i started to time it with Gene and they were about 4 mins apart lasting 1min- honestly, it didn't even sink in that i could be in labor! (DUH!!)

12ish:  midwife came. i was on the couch in some major agony, hugging a pillow, legs totally restless, trying to breathe it out. she started timing me, doing my blood pressure and asked if she could check me.  we seriously had to wait out each contraction before i was even able to do ANYTHING. anyhow, she checked me and said "oh my goodness mitzi you're 8cm dilated. it's time to go to the hospital." i was like "WTF!!" in my head! thank goodness i was essentially packed and ready to go. Gene was dilly dallying somewhere in the apt and the midwife and I were like "where is Gene?" LOL!
so the midwife said she's going to go ahead and meet us at the hospital. I was like "GENE! Where the hell are you?!" He comes strolling over from the master bath, and i was like "we're going to the hospital! hurry the hell up!" LOL! I was pissed at his slow ass response to the urgent situation!

12ish-1230ish:  i was really worried about how i could position myself in the car ride there as i was only in essentially 2 positions at home and they eased the pain somewhat..but i guess i had zero choice while in the car.  I think the fact that my water had not broken made the situation not so real just yet! OMG Gene was so fcking annoying getting to the hospital- seriously, talk about someone who was mad at me for not having an alternative parking for the car near the hospital, and mad at me for not being able to read the IMPARK instructions in the lot across the street (yes, we don't know how to really pay for parking! haha). Gene may be the go-to person for life survival skills, but hell in this moment of stress, critical thinking, organization, calm, collective manner- he was NOT the person! LOL! OMG, i cant even explain how annoyed i was- the fact i had to do all the thinking while he was in such a panicky non-collective state!

1240ish:  arrived at the maternity unit, barely able to WALK (yeah, no wheelchair! from p1 to the 3rd floor) to the nursing station. of course my room (room 2) was the farthest in the unit. got in the room, changed into a gown hopped on the bed and had some monitoring done for like 2 minutes. they asked if they can break my water and i was like yeah ok but hesitant inside as i was totally not absorbing/understanding/clicking/clueing in to what the hell was happening. but i took my underwear off, and it was i was like my water has broken, don't worry.  the midwife checked me again, and she was like "oh mitzi, you're 10cm. it's time to push now." um ok!

1pm:  told them (nurse and midwife) that i was open to entonox...i tried it...did NOTHING to ease the contraction pain. and after a few attempts, i got dizzy/lightheaded and said "forget about this." i wanted to squat and so they set up the bar for me. they told me when to push (with every contraction) and push as hard as i can. so with a contraction, i pushed! sensations felt:
- like i needed to pee (which i did), lower tailbone pressure and that i needed to poop (which im sure i did even though i had a movement earlier in the day), pain to my front pelvic area.
- i said words like "i think im only going to have one." "am i doing this right?" "am i too slow?" "i can't, i can't" (said this A LOT). "it hurts it hurts." "i just want to rest." (they let me rest a couple of times even though i had a contraction). "im tired."

and that's all i remember. i found it really hard to get into the squatting position without missing a pushing opportunity with the contractions. just so many sensations going on that i couldnt coordinate it! so they left me reclined, i put my legs up on the bar, and used a blanket to pull on as i pushed. effective.  IT WAS REALLY TIRING! i also remember thinking that i had a shitty breathing technique and that's what contributed to the difficulty. they told me to push 3 times with the contractions which wasn't always possible as again, IT WAS SO TIRING. I remember a ring of fire, but not angry flaming type of ring of fire, the pain was in the front at my pelvic area. i also remember Gene coaching me saying "chin to chest, 1.2.3.....9..10" etc. and "you can do it, 1 more." you know....very sweet hollywood type of encouragement.

i remember the midwife saying a "few more pushes" and lots of "just one more push" but i was again SO TIRED and it was so surreal. she also said, "i see a lot of black hair! there is a lot of vernix! do you want a mirror? do you want to touch?" both of us said "no" LOL! i also remember the nurse during each rest period to check the status of the babies heart rate and it was good the whole time despite my multiple rest phases. i also remember seeing the midwife holding up two fingers like a peace sign, and i recall thinking that once the head is out, i can rest a bit more so baby can breathe. at the final push, i remember yelling a big "UGGHHHHHHHHH" and then blank and baby was out and he was on my chest naked, crying, and being stimulated/cleaned!

so while i was in that moment of bliss, placenta was pulled out at 1:35pm and the midwife said my placenta was "big." i have no idea what this means, but i saw it and it looked gross.  Gene cut the cord, took pics of the baby as he was getting his shot and eye cream

i took a few more entonox breaths as she was stitching me up which hurt like sharp bits. she said i had a 2nd degree tear, and nothing was going "up" which i took as nothing going up to the urethra but instead down the perineum (better alternative). the freezing worked, but it also didnt- especially at the last skin layer which was OWWWWW.

Then i was fine, everything was cleaned up, and i had a super quiet baby on me. they gave me underwear with an big maxi pad and ice on it to help with the was heaven sent i tell you! i took the voltaren suppository offered (anti-inflammatory) while she was stitching me up. I remember being told housekeeping was to clean up. and that's all i recall!

That's my birth story!


  1. Yeah! What a great birth story Mitzi, you should be so proud of yourself. Enjoy these sweet newborn days :)

  2. I had a last-minute planned cesarean. I was super bummed back then. I wanted to have some crazy, action-packed adventure, but instead it was all very tame and civilized.

    I've come to be thankful for this. :)

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