Tuesday, January 17, 2012

39 weeks...1cm dilated ...yep, anytime now would be great!

Your baby's crown-to-rump length at this time is approximately 14.4 inches and the total length is approximately 21.5 inches. The average baby weighs a little more than 7 pounds now and is preparing for birth. You are probably as big as you are going to get and may be uncomfortable now. Most women gain between 25 and 35 pounds during their pregnancy. Your uterus is about 7-8 inches above your bellybutton now.
  • at the midwife again today (if you haven't noticed, my appointments are every week, every tuesday)
  • BP 112/88 on both arms - she said it was getting close to a diastolic (the bottom) number that would make her worried (DBP should be less than 90) so I have to go to a pharmacy on thursday and get my blood pressure checked in one of their machines and page them with the results. i'm asymptomatic and not at all worried...but of course, i have to admit i have no clue as to what is an ideal BP for pregnant women
  • baby HR 140ish, found under my navel in the pelvic area
  • weight (with HEAVY winter shoes that i couldnt take off) was 183.4lbs. Im pretty sure i didn't gain much weight this week..it was the shoes i tell you! haha
  • belly measuring 39 cm
  • midwife talked to me about acupuncture to 1) lower the BP and 2) to help prepare the body for labor- something more natural so i dont have to possibly be induced and thus prevent that cascade of interventions i'm trying to steer clear of.  i was supposed to get a list of recommended acupuncturists from her prior to us leaving the appt. but of course, i forgot! ugh!
  • did you know it's normal for first time pregnancies to go passed the due date? like 41 and even 42 weeks? this is something we're told to do some homework on- as in HOW LONG DO I WANT TO STAY PREGNANT FOR?! seriously, im not even that comfortable with 41 weeks but i also don't want to be induced! it's the baby's hormones that trigger when labor starts- when it's ready it's ready- but ideally, baby can't cook forever as the placenta doesn't last forever
  • so what did we do today? STRETCH AND SWEEP of the membranes! What is a "stretch and sweep" you ask?
From Wikipedia:
  • "Membrane sweep", also known as membrane stripping, or "stretch and sweep" in Australia and the UK - during an internal examination, the midwife moves her finger around the cervix to stimulate and/or separate the membranes around the baby from the cervix. This causes a release of prostaglandins which can help to kick-start labor.
A more detailed definition can be found here: http://www.birth.com.au/Induced-labour/Sweeping-the-membranes-for-induction-about

  • it definitely didn't hurt just felt mild pressure
  • she said my cervix was 1cm dilated- which technically means just that, 1cm dilated and nothing to get super excited about
  • that my cervix was "soft" and "long"
  • that it could kickstart labor, but it also may not
  • that if i don't have the baby by next appt, we'll do another sweep then. commonly it takes more than 1 session
  • that i may experience cramping/contractions afterwards- nothing major for me (addendum: cramping overnight!)
  • that i may experience spotting- nothing happening here
  • low infection rate by doing this intervention
  • risk of water bag breaking during the procedure - didn't happen to me
  • that this intervention isn't really "necessary," though it may help. up to the mom to decide what she would like to do, how long she wants to stay pregnant for, or even if she prefers to let things progress naturally
  • i honestly didn't decide WHAT i wanted to do until really that split second moment- as in my head i was like "lets get this going"
Although your baby continues to grow and develop inside of your uterus, there is not much room for him to move about. All of your baby's organ systems are now complete and the lungs were the last to fully mature.
  • i definitely agree with this statement. there isnt much room in there left. again, i dont even have to look for the baby anymore, the baby is just there and when it moves, my belly moves in waves and ripples. the same prominences are where it should be thank goodness- lets keep the baby's head down shall we!
  • im sure i mentioned this before, but i love watching my belly move in waves and ripples and pulsate!
  • lots and lots of braxton hicks this week. the back is less involved, just a lot of tightening from top to bottom. i quite enjoy the sensation!
If you are uncomfortable with your pregnancy at this time, you are not alone. Most women are ready to deliver their babies. It would be very unusual for you to not be uncomfortable at this time. Your uterus has grown a lot and now fills your entire pelvis and abdomen. Try not to ask your doctor to induce you, unless it is medically necessary. Your cervix is ripening in preparation for delivery and your bladder is under a lot of pressure.
  • i have to admit that this week was quite uncomfortable in many ways
  • my stupid left hip still is achy at night - again, until i can reposition myself again other than having 1 option (sleeping on my left) i don't think i can help this problem
  • i finally found shoes that i can walk all day in without having back pain! woot woot! Good ol' Frye Archie boots- but only good when it's snowing out or when it has snowed out or I look like im going for a hike
  • im pretty sure this baby has DROPPED as there are now movements in my lower pelvic area that i've never felt before or at least as significantly as i've felt it this week
  • even with a moderately full bladder, going down a flight of stairs is an urgent matter- i honestly feel like im going to pee in my pants and have to find a bath room stat! just the bouncing of baby's weight on my bladder = not fun, unless you want to wear urine soiled pants all day
  • so hard to sit down on the ground
  • harder to get up from the ground without having to go on all fours first
  • hard to get up off the toilet (like i feel like i need a raised toilet seat! haha)
  • hard to get off the couch from a sitting position
  • heavy belly, heavy everything!
  • that really weird inguinal blooming/stretching/dislocating sensation every now and then. now it's bilateral
  • belly is itchy (stretch!)
  • hard to put on socks and shoes if laces need to be tied
  • hard to put on pants and underwear
  • just feel a little less flexible in the hip areas- maybe i should've done more yoga!?
  • honestly though, despite all of these symptoms- this pregnancy has been awesome and i quite enjoy being pregnant! hehe
You may feel nervous about the upcoming labor. You will know when you are in labor because contractions will get worse when you move around and they will also get stronger and more frequent. Other signs of labor are the breaking of your water or a bloody show as the mucus that plugged your cervix becomes dislodged.
  • no mucous plug (as one solid blob, but pieces are coming out. again TMI!!), no water breaking (my mom said her water never broke on its own, she just had a lot of pain all of a sudden), no bloody show
  • lots of vivid dreams that i unfortunately can't remember in detail- but there have been some labor related dreams
  • i think im feeling mildly anxious about labor...MILDLY. i think this has something to do with me feeling like im going to be overdue, and this baby being huge and the tearing and rippage associated with birthing a big baby
  • i just noticed that my boobs are way bigger than when i noticed them last
  • my nipples look very nipply- is that a word? oh and theyre quite sensitive, like sometimes the fabric of my pjs irritate them..ugh!
  • my areolas are bigger but not like giant silver dollar big!- yep TMI!
  • suitcases are in the car and packed
  • all baby stuff that will touch the baby's skin in the next 3 months are pre-washed
Most of the lanugo on your baby should be gone by now. Your baby still may have some on his shoulders and in the creases of his body. Your baby's toenails have reached the end of his toes. The umbilical cord is about a half inch thick and may be wrapped around him. The umbilical cord still supplies the baby with nutrients that he needs. After delivery, your baby's umbilical cord will be clamped and cut. After it is cut, he will be an independent human being and must perform all of his body functions on his own. Your baby will get antibodies from your body that give his immune system a boost
  • i really hate this idea/image of the cord wrapped around the neck. like it's just that one last hump. trying not to think about it!

How your life's changing:

At each of your now-weekly visits, your caregiver will do an abdominal exam to check your baby's growth and position. She might also do an internal exam to see whether your cervix has started ripening: softening, effacing (thinning out), and dilating (opening). But even armed with this information, there's still no way for your caregiver to predict exactly when your baby is coming. If you go past your due date, your caregiver will schedule you for fetal testing (usually a sonogram) after 40 weeks to ensure that it's safe to continue the pregnancy. If you don't go into labor on your own, most practitioners will induce labor when you're between one and two weeks overdue — or sooner if there's an indication that the risk of waiting is greater than the risks of delivering your baby without further delay.
  • if i am SUPER overdue, i am scheduled for an NST (fetal monitoring) and ultrasound on Feb 3rd
  • i really don't want to be overdue or have to be induced! ugh!
  • on a side note, im not actually sure if im really READY to have this type of responsibility. hmmmm...maybe i should've thought about that before getting pregnant right? haha. i am however ready to have this baby out, not because im tired of being pregnant, just tired of the limited range of motions and discomfort
While you're waiting, it's important to continue to pay attention to your baby's movements and let your caregiver know right away if they seem to decrease. Your baby should remain active right up to delivery, and a noticeable slowdown in activity could be a sign of a problem.
  • i do still sometimes check if baby is moving in the middle of the night. usually after i get up to void and i regain some sort of consciousness and subsequent paranoia. thankfully, it's much faster to get a response now from baby. sometimes the baby is already moving before i decide i want to check...awesome...leads to an easier transition back to that deep sleep
  • did i mention my sleeps have been awesome this week? 1130pm to 9:30am daily!
Also call if you think your water may have broken. Membranes rupture before the beginning of labor in about 8 percent of term pregnancies. Sometimes there's a big gush of fluid, but sometimes there's only a small gush or a slow leak. (Don't try to make the diagnosis yourself. Call even if you only suspect you have a leak.) If you rupture your membranes and don't start contractions on your own, you'll be induced.
  • what do i do if this happens in public? im lucky now that i can wear a long coat. should i be carrying a pad in my purse in case the wetness doesnt stop- which i dont think it will?! hmmm
On a final note, i had an awesome baby shower at my place this week. thank you all for coming! There are pictures in a camera, but currently too lazy to upload or figure out how to upload as it's not my camera to begin with! Soon they'll be up! hehee


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