Thursday, December 29, 2011

the 9th month!! Yowza!!!

By this week of pregnancy your baby's crown-to-rump length reaches about 13.5 inches and the total length is approximately 20.7 inches. Your baby weighs about 6 pounds now. The top of your uterus has moved further up under your ribs and is about 5.5 inches above your bellybutton. Your uterus has grown a lot in the past few weeks as your baby has gained weight. You may have gained about 30 pounds by now and it is common for your weight to stay about the same from this point onwards.

  • had my midwife appt the other day, seems like this midwife (Carolyn Saunders) will be the one on my January team when D-day occurs...good, I like her and she lives close so she can come over pretty quick when Gene is panicking LOL!
  • BP 110/70
  • weight 176.6 (up 3lbs from last time) ...ouch!
  • baby's heart rate was nice and clear and easily found on the left lower quadrant of my abdomen. i was asking her if she found the baby's HR there, what it meant for positioning and she said that wherever it's clearly found, it's usually where the back of the baby is at.  so this is to say, in my situation that the baby's back is against my left side and all the extremities are on my right side. this makes TOTAL sense as i've been always feeling the movement on my right side...DUH! don't know why i thought the back was against my right side?!
  • anyhow, this also explains (well in my opinion), why my stretchmarks are more severe on my left side, that's where the baby's entire torso is stretching me out...and what i thought was the bum on my left side/ribcage was probably me being kneed, or hipped, or something involving lower extremities beating me from the inside hahaha
  • we did the GBS (group B strep) swab's a vaginal/perineal swab that basically will be/can be harmful to your baby if it's not caught early. so if one was positive, id have to take antibiotics once i start labor. read more about Group B streptococcus HERE. ill find out my results next in next week as my m/w appointments are not every week until i give birth! wow!
  • she also mentioned some positions i should start doing to promote the baby into a position that will be beneficial for labor. she essentially said to form a bridge with my head resting on the couch, and my back straight, knees on the ground...90 degree angle from back to knees. kind of something like THIS..but with a 90 degree angle...know what i mean?

  • she asked me if i was having any braxton-hicks contractions aka BHC (read more HERE), and i basically told her about feelings of stretching in my back that i was having intermittently. so yep, she said everyone was different and that it sounded like BHC to her. when she examined my belly, she thought it was quite firm even when lying down and said i was probably having a BHC right then and there. in hindsight, what i thought couldve been bums pressing against my xyphoid process and creating this pressure sensation, was probably BHC's. of course i told her i dont even know what in the world a contraction felt like (so true) so how would i know when d-day is about to arrivei? she said it was tightening (not always pain) that you've never felt before and you would seriously know. interesting. anyhow, speaking of BHC's im sure i had one today, nice and irregular! no baby yet!
  • she also talked about natural things that would help prepare my uterus for birth (some teas i can buy from them or finlandia)...interesting but im not interested, not sure why? again, the laissez-faire mode of thinking. she also mentioned something called anarca, anaka, ananka (?!?!?!) i already forgot, something natural to help with swelling in the perineal area. again, interesting but not interested..i think i need to be fed some hype from various people to make me buy the products, right now im in the "gimme a spray bottle" type of product mood...and just keep things natural. just need time!
  • i also mentioned that i didn't want an episiotomy and the thought of that was freaky...but that i also felt somewhat guilty about saying "no" to this because i really needed to be open to whatever options i may need to do to get the baby out safely. she said that if i wanted to go through a more natural route, then an epidural was something that i should think about (as in not consider) as most often epidurals lead to a cascade of interventions such as an episiotomy/foreceps etc. Carolyn mentioned that it's not often that midwives do episiotomies, and in fact, she's only had to do one in her career so far, and that was with a home birth where the baby was needing help. sounds reassuring...i ended the topic with the "id rather tear...or id rather nothing first and foremost, then tear, then do what needs to be done in that order" comment hahaha

Because the top of the uterus is high as it will be, breathing may be getting very uncomfortable at times. You might notice jabbing pains from your baby's kicks. However, within the next few weeks, your baby will drop into the birth canal and this will make breathing easier again. Most doctors like to see their patients weekly from now on to check for labor progression. Your prenatal classes are probably coming to an end and you should have already made a birth plan and discussed available options for pain control during pregnancy.

  • i wouldnt say breathing is "very" uncomfortable, as 97% of the time im pretty comfortable and can tolerate a steady mobilizing rhythm. definitely though, im a lot slower than i was and i dont give a rats arse if people behind me are ticked off at how slow i walk hahaha (i personally hate slow walkers, so i know how they would feel)
  • speaking of DROPPING. i worked a night shift the other day and im not sure if it was a combo of me just not used to being this big and working ...or that MY WORK SHOES WENT MISSING, but man i barely made it home after that shift. there was a lot of pressure in my lower pelvis after that shift and it was like every step i took just kept baby bouncing and bouncing lower and lower. i would say i was mild-moderately worried that my water would break sometime in the next 24 hours. but alas, after some rest, everything was good...i think baby bounced back up into a better position so i dont feel that constant pressure anymore. however, the midwife did say that the baby's head felt like it had descended down (i agree), as even every now and then when im walking...that lower pelvic pressure feeling comes and goes and i feel like i need to put my hand down under the belly just to support the region and baby
  • speaking of work...i feel like i can still work a few more shifts...if i had my stupid shoes!!! but no, they just had to go missing, so i think im just going to call it a day and work one last shift with my friends on Jan 1st
  • as for pain control, im open to gas aka ENTONOX (read more HERE), and well im not sure what else. Fentanyl? Demerol? (something my mom requested/loved when she was in labor...and reminds me of it). i really don't want to be drugged up or have a drugged up baby. but again, im reminded that "it hurts a lot" by many many women LOL! maybe im crazy for thinking i can do without?!?! like i told the midwife, im just going to "wing it" and see what happens or how i will feel. im making/telling/reminding Gene to read the Baby's Best Chance book...he literally just said to me, "it says, husbands to wait in the waiting room" LOL! what a goon! anyhow, he likes to remind me that he's a "weak man" and that he feels quesy and shivers just thinking about cutting the cord. he likes to remind me that he'll be there for support whether it means helping with breathing exercises or distraction techniques but will stay above the equator...oh and that maybe the nurses should have a wheelchair ready for him?! haha! i think he'll be thinking he may not know what he's capable of until that time comes...sometimes overeducated is just that..overeducated and one may end up disappointed when something doesnt work. if Gene becomes totally useless, my mom is a phone call away, or that I am so unrealistically OVERconfident at my abilities to cope right now that maybe ill even makeup for what Gene is lacking. is this a mean thought?!

Your baby's face has filled out significantly and looks smooth and plump. Because your baby has powerful sucking muscles and has had layers of fat forming for quite some time now, the cheeks have filled out like a newborn's. Your baby's skull is firm, but not hard. Every baby's head has the ability to give slightly so that there is room for her to fit down the birth canal during delivery. Some babies are born with cone shaped heads from the pressure of delivery, but this will go away after delivery. The amount of amniotic fluid is at its maximum amount now and your baby may not be moving as much as she had been. As long as you still feel her movements every day, there should be no cause for concern. The placenta is now one-sixth of the fetal weight.

  • i definitely continue to be in state of heightened awareness re: baby's movement. at this point, i actually know now what would make the baby move and be active and it's "schedule." if i dont feel baby when i should be feeling baby, whatever i need to do or think about is set aside until i get the kick counts quota!! im sure i'll be paranoid for the rest of my life..but at least i can see the baby when it's out...right now, who the heck knows what baby is doing inside! right now, i need to feel the baby move just after i wake up, and i need to feel the baby just prior to me sleeping or i wont be sleeping until that happens!
  • baby's movements are strong and pronounced, it's not a lot, but boy are they strong. makes the whole stomach shake and some are a little painful in a jab and internal stretch type of way
  • if i palpate my belly (or really just the right side), i can feel some hard prominences but i cant actually make out what it is

    baby is the size of a crenshaw melon (never heard of this fruit)
  • im getting a lot of looks from people as i walk around...they look at my belly first, then me. some looks look kind of mean (only women)...some look like sympathy glances (only women)...some looks are smiles (men and women)...and some are just looks of acknowledgement (men and women). unlike other people's experiences, no stranger has come up to me and rubbed my belly...not even asked if they could!
  • voiding quite often lately...and it's not even just small bladder empties, i am emptying a moderately full bladder everytime i go
  • my areolas are looking breastfeeding ready

  • my right boob STILL has a dry skin patch that is still so fckin itchy! WTF!? im putting oils to moisturize for now!
  • whoever said drinking lots of water, creams, and that stretch marks can be prevented was WRONG,  no one drinks as much water as i do and ive been putting oils/moisturizer on my belly since at least the very early first trimester days and i still have stretchmarks! Seriously, if you had stretchmarks before, you will get stretchmarks when you're pregnant!  save your money! my belly is itchy every now and then and really, all that means is skin is ripping/stretching/tearing = stretchmarks.
  • baby has hiccups every so often, and yep...belly is shaking!
  • i can still hoist my leg up on the counter top and cut my toe nails!! however, it's becoming increasingly difficult to stand up and lift a leg to put underwear on post shower LOL! it's even hard to yank up my compression stockings
  • i had the two sheitiest sleeps ever on dec 23 and 24th. dont know why...not like i was anxious about christmas or anything? i thought it was a sign of an impending birth or major changes... but i have since recovered post dec 25th. i would seriously wake up sometime in the middle of the night and have to void, and i couldnt get back to sleep afterwards- just watching the clock and getting annoyed at Gene for snoring and having a good sleep. i had to haul my arse to the living room and sleep on the couch which was not bad as i did fall back to sleep eventually...but was nowhere near the quality sleep i need to load up on and savor every moment of! i think on the night of the 25th, i told Gene to not come near me cuz if i get woken up AT ALL, i used the line from Russell Peters' material- "somebody's gonna get hurt around here." LOL!!

  • I had a work baby shower this week (thank you Sarah and Syma, and to all that came and took the time to join us on a rainy night, and thank you to those that were very generous and thought about the baby even though times are tough and the holidays were here/coming). it was awesome and I had a great time! pictures to come eventually! im pretty sure this baby has more clothes than Gene! hahaha. lesson for momma's to be..dont buy too many clothes...everyone gives you clothes! so irresistable though...i love buying baby clothes! 
  • no major baby haul...except for the fact that ive washed/laundered most of the stuff i need to use for the baby in that newborn to 3month stage of i just need the baby to wear it and lie in it! Christmas decor came down early (like today) this year as Gene didn't want that to be something he needed to do if the baby came early.  he thinks baby is coming early..i think baby is coming on time!

How your life's changing:

Now that your baby is taking up so much room, you may have trouble eating a normal-size meal. Smaller, more frequent meals are often easier to handle at this point. On the other hand, you may have less heartburn and have an easier time breathing when your baby starts to "drop" down into your pelvis. This process — called lightening — often happens a few weeks before labor if this is your first baby. (If you've given birth before, it probably won't happen before labor starts.) If your baby drops, you may also feel increased pressure in your lower abdomen, which may make walking increasingly uncomfortable, and you'll probably find that you have to pee even more frequently. If your baby is very low, you may feel lots of vaginal pressure and discomfort as well. Some women say it feels as though they're carrying a bowling ball between their legs!
  • i would say i do have some sort of waddle happening. i definitely take the time every now and then to watch my posture as i feel that im jutting out my abdomen and thus a very concave (or convex spine depending on how you want to picture it). so i do take the time to adjust. im definitely slow, and my walk is different.
You might also notice that your Braxton Hicks contractions are more frequent now. Be sure to review the signs of labor with your practitioner and find out when she wants to hear from you. As a general rule, if you're full-term, your pregnancy is uncomplicated, and your water hasn't broken, she'll probably have you wait to come in until you've been having contractions that last for about a minute each, coming every five minutes for an hour. Of course, you'll want to call right away if you notice a decrease in your baby's activity or think you're leaking amniotic fluid, or if you have any vaginal bleeding, fever, a severe or persistent headache, constant abdominal pain, or vision changes.
Even if you're enjoying an uncomplicated pregnancy, it's best to avoid flying (or any travel far from home) during your final month because you can go into labor at any time. In fact, some airlines won't let women on board who are due to deliver within 30 days of the flight.

  • 4-1-1 rule: 4 minutes apart, contractions lasting 1 minute, for 1 hour. when this happens, watch out!!


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