Tuesday, December 20, 2011

35/40! maybe 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks to go!

Your baby now weighs over 5.5 pounds and its crown-to-rump length is approximately 13.2 inches. Your baby's total length is around 20.25 inches at this point. Your uterus is now 6 inches from the bellybutton and the average weight gain is approximately 24 to 29 pounds.
  • im pretty sure i've gained some sort of weight this week as i've been eating non-stop like a p-i-g! i wake up hungry and can eat within 10 minutes of waking up, and im still eating into the 9pm range at night which is really different for me. maybe because i've been off on vacay (with ahem, some sick calls haha) that im just used to doing nothing but eat as i'm bored! heck im even compelled to eat 3 meals a day which i never do unless im working. must be a growth spurt for the baby and it needing more and more calories from me.  apparently my body shape hasnt really changed except for the protruding abdomen

Most pregnant women begin to feel cramped and heavy around this time and often become tired of being pregnant. Some women feel like they do not have to room to breathe or eat. You should eat small, but frequent, meals and rest as often as you can throughout the day. Your cervix will begin to dilate and efface within the next few weeks to make room for your baby's head to emerge from the birth canal. Your cervix needs to be 10 cm dilated in order to deliver your baby.
  • i definitely am feeling "cramped" and "heavy" ..in fact, my belly appears to be protruding enough that it's actually somewhat in the way when im washing dishes. like i actually notice i am quite far from the sink and dishes are a little more annoying to wash as it hurts when you bonk your abdomen
  • im definitely not tired of being pregnant....sounds kind of harsh to say don't you think?!?!   but heck, ive been having a jolly old time so what's to complain about besides the stretchmarks, tailbone pain, and the odd feelings of heartburn right? im sure if i wasnt able to function properly, or eat well, or whatever else the textbooks/hollywood portray pregnancy as, i'd be stating something different
  • as for breathing, i definitely feel the odd chest heaviness and shortness of breath even on small hills, but i think i can still breathe properly. i do feel that i can hear myself breathe while in bed, like my breathing is heavier?! but it's not manifesting itself into what i would classify as distress or discomfort

  • as for eating, hmmmm....again, im eating like a p-i-g in quantity and quality. hmmm...i dont think my portions have changed for the better as it has increased ...oh dear!! whatever, sadly, i realized beautiful seedless mandarin oranges causes me heartburn...not sure WHY as i can freely drink lemonade and put vinegar on my fries without any after effects? also, minute maid apple juice which tastes SO GOOD also gives me heartburn...WTF? This is supposed to be the healthy stuff, and i really want to drink it too booooo
  • as for rest and energy, another sort of evidence that some major leeching is going on is that im actually tired!! omg! i said it! I get tired! hahahaha. i even had to take a nap yesterday for an hour in the afternoon, and then had a 12 hour awesome night sleep at bedtime! wow! the other day, i was falling asleep on the b-line and could barely keep my eyes open between clark drive and granville! hahaha. good thing when you get off the bus it's frickin blazing cold and since ive been wearing a jacket that i can no longer close, i have no choice but to wake up as im cold! LOL! yeah yeah i know, i have other jackets that actually do fit, but it's hard to layer when outside it's cold, and in the malls it's so frickin hot that im just dying from people's body heat. i still have to find a fine balance or a new jacket!

This week of your pregnancy your baby's fingernails will have definitely reached the tips of his fingers. When your baby is born, his nails may look long and pointy. Your baby is less likely to scratch himself at this point because of the lack of room in the uterus. Fat deposition will still continue and your baby is getting chubbier and rounder. Your baby's shoulders are plump at this point. The baby begins to develop its own immune system.
  • im predicting im going to have an 8lb-9lb baby by the way ive been eating. argh! i really need to stay conscious of this if i dont want to rip/tear or have an episiotomy! but it's so hard to be convinced that this baby could be huge when im measuring correct, and weight isnt showing up in odd places. but of course, the other side of this is that i really dont have an excuse AFTER the baby is born so might as well go back to eating appropriate items at appropriate times and not just eat sheit when im hungry and bored. i think after 3-4 months of having this habbit, it might take awhile to get out of it right?  
  • my belly has been kind of itchy this week...and that calls for some major moisturizing throughout the day, not just post shower. itching = skin tearing = stretch mark worsening!!
  • speaking of stretchmarks, there seems to be "something new" every time i actually take the time to inspect my belly. like you can actually see it now if you look at my belly head on. Boo! let us remind ourselves of this touching picture

     ‎"A mark for every breath you took, every blink, every sleepy yawn. One for every time you sucked your thumb, waved hello, closed your eyes and slept in the most perfect darkness. One for every time you had the hiccups.
     One for every dream you dreamed within me. It isn't very pretty anymore. Some may even think it's ugly. That's OK. It was your home. It's where I first grew to love you, where I lay my hand as I dreamed about who you were and who you would be.
     It held you until my arms could, and for that I will always find something beautiful in it."
  • i have to say im still frickin paranoid about baby kick counts and actually need to feel the baby at least 3 times a day...especially when i first wake up and then when i go to bed.  it doesnt even have to be huge, just some or any movements. the kicks and movements are definitely stronger this week...like the baby is closer to the surface of my skin if that makes sense? some movements are a bit stomach churning and rather somewhat painful, like you're being jabbed but from the inside rather than outside. even though this baby has somewhat of a schedule, i am definitely more in tune with what would make the baby move and what positions i should be in. so again, if im doing all this stimulating and i dont feel baby, then i freak (internally) but so far it's been successful
  • on a fun note, we "took" baby to a concert the other day...a concert as in a rock concert where you would see people being escorted out by security for public drunkedness...and baby kept DANCING all night! im not sure if i traumatized the baby by exposing him to this type of music LOL! it was certainly loud and if the baby is able to recognize familiar sounds out of utero maybe i'll have a rock n' roller of a child in the future
  • when i lie on my left side just prior to falling asleep, i swear i can feel a shape on my abdomen. definitely a bum and a torso length.  some of the jabs ive been feeling i can almost say feelings like im being elbowed or shoulder checked, or kneed! hahhaha. my abdomen is pretty firm now.
  • i woke up after a night shift and was told my belly was lopsided! LOL! I wish i couldve seen that!
  • just localized my post shopping pain to my tailbone area, on the right side ONLY. it's not really "lower back" but lower than lower back...like sacral/coccyx. ouch! in fact, right now my sacral area hurts. i must be walking funny if it's not equal on both sides?! but hell im not asking for pain on both sides! when my back hurts like this, it's so painful to get up, to sit on the ground, and especially hard to get out of the car...ow oW OW! it feels so strained and stiff...not painful...good range of motion, but im definitely hoping this goes away
  • my belly button feels really shallow, but hasnt popped out
  • ive been reading the Baby's Best Chance book and really...i want to know and educate myself, but the more I know, the more it makes me feel uncomfortable?! so, i read a few pages at night and be done with it! hahaha ...i wonder what the midwife will say on dec 28th after she finds out im really procrastinating? hey, it's Christmas though! im busy and it's a good excuse!!
  • no leg swelling noted!
  • ive been doing some more nesting this week....ive packed my hospital bag "in theory" but i dont know how much of what to bring? like how much diapers and sanitary pads am i supposed to bring? rest assured, ive packed some COKE for the both of us! hahaha.  i need to do a massive laundry haul on all the stuff for the baby's room and clothing. Soon!
  • no major baby haul except for the fact that i booked newborn baby photography with a photographer from richmond. she came highly recommended from a super recent client, had a deal going on, has experience, her own props, and can come to my house.  did you know newborn pics are to be done before they're 10 days old because of the baby's natural curl, ability to sleep for longer periods, and no baby acne?  anyhow, im booked with SD Photography.  i was really on the fence about newborn photography but i was easily convinced due to the fact that i want to send announcements out, baby's only stay that small for so long, and this could be an opportunity for our first pro family shots. it's paid for! Swipe it and forget about it! LOL!  i was also thinking of just buying my own DSLR camera and doing my own pics, but, i really think it's one of those "easier said than done" type of things so it is, what it is.

How your life's changing:

Your uterus — which was entirely tucked away inside your pelvis when you conceived — now reaches up under your rib cage. If you could peek inside your womb, you'd see that there's more baby than amniotic fluid in there now. Your ballooning uterus is crowding your other internal organs, too, which is why you probably have to urinate more often and may be dealing with heartburn and other gastrointestinal distress. If you're not grappling with these annoyances, you're one of the lucky few.
  • im pretty sure im voiding more often when i go out. like i need to go to the washroom when i arrive somewhere, need to go after i drink, and need to go some more throughout the day. it sucks at this time though as the malls are so busy and the washrooms are FILTHY. ew.  gravity is just adding extra pressure on the bladder. however at night, i only need to get up once
From here on out, you'll start seeing your practitioner every week. Sometime between now and 37 weeks, she'll do a vaginal and rectal culture to check for bacteria called Group B streptococci (GBS). (Don't worry — the swab is the size of a regular cotton swab, and it won't hurt at all.) GBS is usually harmless in adults, but if you have it and pass it on to your baby during birth, it can cause serious complications, such as pneumonia, meningitis, or a blood infection. Because 10 to 30 percent of pregnant women have the bacteria and don't know it, it's vital to be screened. (The bacteria come and go on their own — that's why you weren't screened earlier in pregnancy.) If you're a GBS carrier, you'll get IV antibiotics during labor, which will greatly reduce your baby's risk of infection.

  • GBS swab due Dec 28th!

This is also a good time to create a birth plan. Using our form will help you focus on specifics — like who'll be present, what pain management techniques you want to try, and where you want your baby to stay after you deliver. It will give you a starting point to discuss your preferences with your medical team. Childbirth is unpredictable, and chances are you won't follow your plan to the letter, but thinking about your choices ahead of time — and sharing your preferences with your caregiver — should take some of the anxiety out of the process.
  • i have some ideas, but generally am going to wing it- or like i like to call it "laissez-faire"


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